Choose from Adama’s Sessions

This page and this website have a lot of information. I encourage you to read through and find what fits best for you. You can also call or email me to better discuss what session or sessions may fit for you at this time.

For an understanding of Lightbody Work, read more here.

New to Lightbody Sessions

Please review the sessions below, with links to a full description of each session.

If you are having difficulty deciding I would recommend first considering:

The “NOW” Session may be appropriate anytime and is different each time it is received.

The Opening of the KA Channels must be done “Hands-on” and in person due to the nature of the energies involved. This is a 15-hour session. See more below.


Spiritual Counseling

Focuses on empowering you to take charge of you life and assuming your own Mastery.


Each package includes 3 sessions

+ Bonus Grace & Love Session

Sacred Geometry Session

Personal Private Intensive

A one-on-one PERSONAL PRIVATE INTENSIVE in which you are able to customize the sessions your individual needs.

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