21 Day Assisted Alignment Daily Meditation


This unique session will assist you in raising your vibration ever higher for 21 days. You and I together will connect with your Higher-Self and assist in your highest alignment daily. We will connect together each day for 21 days, setting a clear energetic space to help you embody and set new patterns of clear, consistent alignment with your Higher-Self and in the manifestation of a higher vibration in your daily life.

An immense power is created when we join with others who set the same intentions for profound transformation and spiritual alignment. Whenever a person is aligned with their Higher-Self their life simply flows better and better. Their health improves and they find more joy, love, enthusiasm, excitement, passion and enjoyment in life. They bring themselves into alignment with their highest aspirations and find themselves manifesting their dreams in this physical reality. When two or more people are in alignment with their Higher-Self and come together with purpose their energy can be life and world changing.

I received the information on how to offer this session and how it would work while in meditation. I had been asking for information on how to really assist people to make long lasting positive changes in their lives. I had been asking for ways I could best facilitate people to shift into a higher vibration and achieve a more clear focus and lasting alignment with their Higher-Self. This session was born out of those desires.

In some ways this process is a journey together and experiment as each group is unique. Your participation and the benefits that you will see, feel and experience will be proof of how expansive and effective this journey and process will be. I am excited to be with you during this journey. I am very excited to experience, to see and hear about its effectiveness as the process unfolds over the 21 days that you will participate in it.

Your active, daily participation in the process is essential to receive the most benefit and lasting results from the process.

Through this process you will build new habits that will serve you for the rest of your life. My desire is for you to learn how a simple and enjoyable meditational process will assist you in achieving more love, better health, joy, enthusiasm, clarity and alignment with your Higher-Self. Once you’ve completed the 21 days you will be able to maintain all you have achieved and to continue on your own to build on the foundation that has been laid down in our energetic work together. You will have learned a very valuable skill and know and trust in the process to increase your vibration and maintain your alignment with your Higher-Self.

Here is the agreement and process

The Agreement:

We will connect in meditation once each day for an agreed upon 21-day period. I will be mostly responsible for the energy of connecting us together. Your responsibility is to give your permission that we connect and to hold the clear intent (as clearly as possible) that we work together in the highest ways to raise your personal vibration and make a clear vibrant connection with your Higher-Self. You will also agree to keep a simple “diary” or listing of events as described in Number 4 of “The Process” below.

I will hold you in my daily meditation as the Divine being you are and see you as the divinity that you truly are. I will see you in perfect alignment with your Higher-Self. I will do mostly the same meditation that you will do, as well as more meditational work and the setting of very high intentions for you and any of the other’s that may be participating during the same time periods. We will use our combined energies to uplift us all into higher vibrations and frequencies of alignment. I will maintain a clear and pure meditational space for you and any other participants, a space that allows only uplifting and a clear high vibration connection and alignment. We will be connecting in a place where physical time like here on earth is not the same; we can each be doing our meditations at different physical earthly times on the same day (during each 24 hour time period) and all will be just fine.

The Process

  1. Once each day or night you will set the intention to connect in meditation with me in the highest ways possible.
  2. Once each day or night you will read to yourself or out loud the Beginning Invocation and Meditation and the Breathing Meditation.
  3. You will keep a simple “diary” or listing of positive events that occur in your daily life each day. This can be a minimum of 5 events. Of course listing more is preferable and will assist you in raising your frequency more quickly. Events to record are things like a stranger smiling at you, appreciating the beauty of a flower or a piece of art, enjoying a delicious meal or cup of tea or coffee, anything or anyone you find yourself appreciating or loving, unexpected good fortune, feeling happy or better than at another point in the day, fun and playful interactions, feeling loving or loved, anything uplifting to you and that felt “good”.
  4. Please feel free to send brief feedback or ask simple questions during the course of the 21 days. I would be most appreciative of a more comprehensive feedback of your experience of this “session” after the 21 days has been completed.

The Beginning Invocation and Meditation will be sent to you when you book this session.

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