Clearing the “Psychic Answering Machine”


When we think of someone we are energetically connecting to that person and sending a message to him or her, like calling on the telephone. Your thoughts have power and carry energy.

People you have been thinking about can and do receive the energetic (feelings, pictures and overall energy) of your non-physical communication with them! They then respond to you from the mix of energies that you are currently sending them and what has been stored from the past.

Your thoughts can be held in what could be described as an energetic or “Psychic Answering Machine”. This “psychic answering machine” contains all the thoughts you have ever thought about other people in your life.

This session will focus on clearing those thoughts, feelings, pictures, emotions and the overall energy that is not of an uplifting and positive nature. Clearing all that has been stored in what I am calling your Psychic Answering Machine that is not a kind, caring, loving, and supportive and positive energy. This encourages those you love, family, friends and business associates to be more able to interact with you from the current energy you are projecting to them.

When you can interact with people from your current outpouring of positive energy, emotions, thoughts, pictures and feelings, they will be much more likely to be cooperative, caring, clear, positive and loving in return with you.

  • There will be little or no feedback offered after this session due to the nature of the session and the energies used to perform this clearing.
  • Some suggestions will be given.
  • The session will be done in your sleep or while you are lying down and resting.

What is the Psychic Answering Machine?

Not so very long ago, in the age before the internet, we all had to physically write and send letters that needed to be physically carried through space and time to hopefully be delivered to its intended receiver. This process often took several days or more of travel. Now many of us use a computer of some sort to send email that gets delivered almost immediately, carried over unseen electronic ways. Almost all of us use a telephone to communicate with people not right in front of us. We share our thoughts, ask for assistance and give directions, all from a distance connected by an instrument in our hands (telephone) and a signal is sent over wires, and now wirelessly, to it’s intended receiver. We talk to them, sharing our thoughts, emotions and ideas as if they were right in front of us.

When we do not connect with the person we are calling there is almost always an answering machine or system in place so we can leave a message for them. We usually leave a message for them and in time they usually respond to our message that we left.

Using the telephone and answering machine analogy, your thoughts can be held in an energetic “answering machine” that you carry around with you all the time. This “psychic answering machine” contains all the thoughts you have thought about other people in your life. Repetitive thoughts can increase in power and potency. Depending on the sensitivity of the person you are thinking about (and other factors) they pick up on the feelings, pictures and overall energy of what you have sent out towards them.

So, people you have been thinking about can and do receive the energetics (feelings, pictures and overall energy) of your non-physical communication with them! They also can react to you in the physical world from the messages you have been thinking about them and that are stored in this non-physical answering machine. You carry around this “psychic answering machine” and everyone else has one of their own, as well. It is usually more effective in delivering its messages when you are in close proximity with the person that you have been sending these psychic messages to (the person or people you “think” about). They then often react to you from this “psychic answering machine” as much as from what you are communicating to them in the moment of your present interaction, and often more from what is contained in what I am calling the “psychic answering machine”! The implications of this are huge in understanding why people react to us they way that they do.

You may wish to consider your thoughts more closely and what you are sending into your personal “psychic answering machine” that delivers all the messages it has saved to the people in your life on a continuous basis. Loving, kind, clear, supportive, trusting, non-judgmental, empowering thoughts “feel” wonderful when they are received and there is a natural reaction to them and the sender. Thoughts of a less positive nature usually do not “feel” so good when received and there is a natural reaction to them and the sender.

People you have known for a long time and thought about for a long time (like your family, friends and business associates) can have a really large and mixed amount of energy in the “psychic answering machine” you carry around about them. You may be wise in considering erasing the old and out of date things that are less positive and that are in your “psychic answering machine”.

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Client Experiences

Dear Adama,

Thank you for the session.

The day just before the session, I had a bad relationship at my work. And it seems that the relationship was cleared and now I have nothing to do with that person. I only have thanks to the person now. I thought this is one of the effects of this session.

After the session, I realize the clearness of my answering machine by looking into my relationship to others. I felt very neutral, and it feels good.

I continue the exercise and I feel joy in doing that because somehow I feel my body gets lighter.

Thank you so much!

~ Best, Yoshihisa

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