Couples Harmonization Session


Love Relationships can be incredibly and increasingly more and more rewarding when we connect from the deepest place within us.

This session is specifically designed to bring two people into greater alignment and harmony with each other. We work in conjunction with each person’s Higher-Self and their team of very high non-physical helpers. What is brought into alignment and harmonization are those areas where the two can meet consensually, without either having to lower their frequency or vibration for the other person.

This Session looks at where the couple can meet in the highest of ways and then assists them to energetically connect and interact in this way together, rather than something less fulfilling and functional. We will work together to assist both individuals to meet, connect and interact in ways that sustain and still maintain each person’s highest integrity and alignment. When a relationship is based on connections that are not in the highest and best joint interests for both parties involved, it will assist in recognizing when the dynamics do not support a mutual forward movement together.

This session is done with both partners involved.

Within this session we will work together so that each individual’s sense of wholeness and completeness is enhanced; therefore, allowing the opportunity to really connect and be together in mutually supportive and functional ways. From a place of greater wholeness and personal alignment true co-creative and mutually enhancing time together can be achieved.

Relationships can be incredibly complicated. They can become challenging and difficult when we are not connecting in ways that are authentic to our deepest and truest natures. They can also be incredibly and increasingly more and more rewarding when we connect from the deepest place within us. When we are able to interact from a place that is not so highly ego based, not based primarily out of need or primarily based on reward and/or punishment our love can flow freely and then we can much more easily and synergistically work in partnership with another person.

Feedback may be offered after the Session and will be probably minimal due to the nature of the session and the way the energies that are being worked with.

This session is not a replacement for ongoing couples counseling or therapy. It certainly can be used as an enhancement and in conjunction with the ongoing movement of deepening a relationship with another person allowing for more grace and ease between the two.

This session is best done while the couple is laying down or sleeping.

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