Axiatonal Alignment Level 2


Our Lightbody wiring and connections are an amazing and complicated structure. Due to our ascension process we are continually shifting and changing our nonphysical connections to the greater aspects of our beingness.

The Axiatonal Alignment Level 1, makes sure that all the major Light Lines are connected and functioning correctly to the higher nonphysical aspects of the wholeness that we are, which is far beyond the physical body.

The Axiatonal Alignment Level 2 further refines the major connections made during the level 1 session, and insures all the minor Light Lines of our multidimensional structure are functioning correctly.

This is a gentle, beautiful graceful process that leaves the receiver feeling more renewed and connected to the wholeness that they truly are, possibly more than ever before. Recipients of this session have reported a greater sense of wholeness, relief of pain, greater connection to the higher aspects of themselves, and an exquisite feeling of peace, grace and ease allowing them to be in this world in ways they may only have dreamed of before.

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Client Experiences

Dear Adama,

Thank you very much for your kind message! I feel very, very grateful. Thank you!

The most notable change that I am feeling right now after the session is I have become very, very sensitive. For instance, when I saw a crystal, or a beautiful flower in the garden, or image of my favorite Goddess, I feel strong vibration!

So, today, I enjoyed for a while with various flowers and pictures.

I am feeling that you opened me to new life!

Much much Love, and Appreciation,
Name Withheld By Request


Dear Adama,

Thank you very much for the session. Before I received it, I read your book and watched your DVD which I bought a while ago.

Here’s what I have found out after the session:

I realize my conflicts get less and less!

In the past I had days with frantic feelings wondering what I should do next. I have the feeling of being deeply in the NOW after your session. I have always had a restless feeling in every day life and I was reducing it little by little with my effort. After your session I feel much more comfortable with and in my body now.

I appreciate all that you gave me!


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