Holographic Repatterning Session


Must have received a prior session by Adama before receiving this session.

This is a newer session that was downloaded to me when I started a “Now Session” in July several years ago. I was clearly told that I would be doing a Holographic Repatterning for the client and not the type of session I thought was going to take place. This session is unique to me as far as I know. It is not what has previously been practiced and taught by Chloe Faith Wordsworth based on the principle of resonance and where a pattern is identified through discussion and muscle testing (a technique learned from kinesiology) then the underlying issue has to be identified and shifted.

It is very difficult in words to describe my Holographic Repatterning Session but the essence of the session is a complete re-patterning through dimensions and realities that brings one back to their original core patterning on incarnation into the body.

If I were to try and put into words what it looks like and feels like to me when I do this session I would describe it this way. When I connect with the individual receiving the session I find their core essence and lock onto it. From there I begin to spin out anything that does not belong to this original patterning. The “spinning” goes through multiple dimensions and alternate time frames and realities. The original patterning held in the true core of the individual is held on to like the center or eye of a tornado and all else is spun away. When the spinning out is complete the original blueprint and core patterning of the individual is anchored solidly in place. It is a very profound and powerful process.

This session is only recommended for people that have had considerable “energy work” done previously and that have a strong feeling this session is correct for them.

As it is “new” we only have a small base of feedback regarding this session. The feedback has been very positive and words like “life changing” and “complete release from old patterns” have been offered.

It is an approximately 2-hour session done while the individual is sleeping. No other energy work is recommended for 7 days after it is received. Another approximately 1-hour session will be scheduled approximately 7 days later to follow up with what has been done previously and perform any needed adjustments.

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Client Experiences

Dear Adama,

Thank you for your feedback, which is very healing. I trust you a lot and please accept my sincere thanks to you. Before the session, I was too excited to sleep, so I stayed awake all night. During the session, I concentrated on breathing, saying “Thanks Adama”. I had some block at my neck, but the part was frickering as you proceed the session.

The next day, I had an appointment with my acupuncturist, but I forgot what time I made an appointment (actually, I wanted to cancel my appointment). I called his office to check and the acupuncturist told me that he had cancelled my booking as the time slot was booked by another person as well. He was very confused why the time slot was double booked and cancelled my booking without checking with me first. I think things are moving on smoothly!

I want to connect with my Higher Self more strongly, be self-aware and express love!

Thank you again and look forward to having the next session.

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