DNA Clearing & Activation


The DNA Clearing & Activation Session is a new Session as of June 2011. Its purpose is to specifically clear and activate your DNA into higher functioning and to revitalize it to assist your body in moving into the higher energies that have been coming in since 2012, to align in the highest and best way possible. We actually have 12 strands of DNA and this session will assist in the process of activating them. We will work together to activate and clear the DNA in specific cells and then to allow those cleared and activated cells to share their new patterning with all the other cells in your body.

I began receiving the information for this Session late in 2010. Due to Earth changes and the ongoing Ascension process of our own bodies as well as the Earth and my own increasing abilities this DNA Clearing & Activation Session is now ready to be offered and most importantly received. The Earth has had to shift into a higher vibration before this Session could be effectively delivered and utilized by your physical body.

Working together with your Higher-Self and other high guides of the light this Session will clear and activate all the 12 strands of DNA to their highest functioning level possible at the point and time of the Session. The DNA is made up of more strands than the double strand that our current technology can “see”. More advanced strands of DNA are composed of electrical, magnetic and gravitational patterning that is multi-dimensional in nature.

The DNA is our chemical blueprint, it is what tells the body how to grow and what to activate and when. Our 12 strand DNA holds the keys to all our cellular rejuvenation as well as enabling psychic abilities and enhanced mental and physical functioning. It is the key to moving beyond where humanity has been stuck for so long. A fully functioning and activated 12 strand DNA allows us to enter into an ascension process of embodying more fully all of what we possibly can be here on Earth. This then assists us and everyone around us to hold and radiate more light, to shine more brightly and become more alive, creative, loving, clear and centered than ever before.

This is a new Session as of June 2011 and I am looking forward to hearing how it is received and the shifts and changes those receiving it will share. There are no guarantees that after this session you will immediately become incredibility psychic or super human or that you will instantly reverse long term physical problems. I do expect the majority of people receiving this session to have some remarkable shifts and changes in their life. As with all “work” of this kind what actually physically manifests is a result of an agreement between you and your Higher-Self.

I will be in a very deep and altered place where there are few words or ways of describing what is taking place as we work together during this activation and clearing; because of this there will be little or no feedback given after the Session. I am really excited about this Session and look forward to sharing it with those who are called to receive it.

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Client Experiences

Dear Adama,

Thank you for doing the DNA Clearing and Activation session. Right after I received it, I felt some kind of electrical stimulating energy was flowing throughout my body for two days. Then, my client who took my session surprisedly told me that my energy was very strong and seems like it shifted to a new level. I haven’t told them about the session I had with you but the client sure felt it! I will let you know whatever changes I experience in the future.

Thank you very much.

M. M.

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