Sacred Geometry Infusion


Focuses on and infuses Sacred Geometries directly into your physical body.

The infused Sacred Geometries reconnect you to your higher dimensional divine blueprint and provide missing pieces that allow you to function as you were originally and uniquely designed. The Sacred Geometries can repair your DNA codes and prepare you for the reception of higher energies from the greater aspects of yourself to be downloaded directly into the physical body.

Geometry is the constant within a continual process of change. Everything has an underlying geometric template, which links it to the cosmos. The human body is a crystalized template of the geometry of the Cosmos. We have a divine blueprint that is expressed in the geometry of our body. Through various mutations we are not enjoying the benefits of our divine blueprint and all it offers to us.

Sacred Geometry is a universal language that describes the inner workings of nature and the intrinsic order of the universe. The building blocks of our physical bodies, what we actually are constructed from and made up of is light, sound vibrations and frequencies expressed by geometric shapes. Frequency can be expressed through number and number through shape and form, which is geometry.

We are in a period of time where we are receiving more and more light from higher sources. This light is translated into the human body and its circuits for renewal and rejuvenation. Having the correct building blocks (Sacred Geometry) will allow us access and use the higher light frequencies now available to us to move forward with our own personal plan of evolution without distortion or missing pieces. Receiving the correct Sacred Geometry provides the missing pieces to the puzzle that we are made up of, allowing us to fulfill our personal, group and universal destinies as we originally were intended.

This session will infuse your body with sacred geometric shapes, the building blocks of our very DNA and help restore us to the higher functioning states available to us. This will assist us in increased mental clarity, physical health and an overall sense of well-being.

Due to the nature of the session there will be very little feedback available to be shared after the session. As this session will offer your physical system the missing pieces to more effectively function, old and less functional ways of being in the world and habits will be brought to your attention to keep or let go of. In your process there likely will be a period of clearing and adjustment necessary after the session.

The adjustment process will generally will be graceful and in a slow steady upward progression. It would not be unusual to have flu like symptoms, unusual sensitivities and possible unease with the overall feelings of your shifting and changing. You will soon re-balance and come into wholeness that you were created to experience and embody here on Earth.

Please maintain a sense of humor with yourself and the process that you are undergoing. Taking time to meditate and going slow and easy for the next few days after the Session is highly recommended. Drinking plenty of purified water and treating yourself as you would your most beloved partner will assist in making your upward journey even more graceful, swift and joyful.


You may wish to consider taking a series of 3 Sacred Geometry Sessions to be scheduled appropriately and including a Grace & Love Infusion with this package for a total fee of $877.00 (This is a savings of $399.00 if each session was taken individually).

The GRACE & LOVE INFUSION SESSION will be included as a bonus when you buy the 3-Session Package.


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Client Experiences

Dear Adama,

Thank you for the feedback.

My purpose in taking these sessions is to heal my body. From childhood, I have dealt with distortions in my pelvic and spinal curvature, as well as mental illness in the form of apathy and chronic fatigue.

Following the Sacred Geometry Infusion session, I am experiencing mental improvements and an increase in vigor. After the NOW session, I felt improvements in my spine, although I do think it will take time for complete healing to take place.

I look forward to next week’s DNA session.”

Thank You!
Y. I.

Thank you so much for the Sacred Geometry session the other day. I would like to share what I felt during the session♪

I realized that in order to trust yourself and open your heart, you need to have a foundation of self-love. They say that you just have to allow yourself to receive, but in the end you can only receive in proportion to how open and loving you are. Thanks to this session, I really “got” that.

I also understood how to tell the difference between choices made in fear, and those made in love. I realized that fear has been driving my choices. Fear feels different, has a different frequency from, love, so I can catch by the feeling when I am choosing out of fear and change my choices!

This is what I have been wanting: to live as my true self. Now I feel that by loving myself as I am, I can easily return to myself. Up until now, I thought that was difficult, but I don’t know why I thought so…I feel like I’ve taken the long road, but I guess that was part of the experience.

I learned that pure consciousness wants to know itself and to experience life. Now I want to experience endless possibilities! I want to enjoy whatever excites me and brings me joy!

That is how I feel. I’ve read it before in books, but you have to experience something for it to really sink in. To think that there is joy in the experience of even the things I don’t like makes me amazed at the beauty of this reality. And how wonderful that I am creating this amazing reality.

I feel like the pieces of the puzzle that I had been searching for have fallen into place. This has been a major completion. I am so glad that I chose to take the Enlightenment session and the Sacred Geometry session one after the other.

Thank you for the amazing session!
M. M.

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