Divine Nature Infusion


Nature is a place where we are renewed, revitalized, balanced, supported and held in the Earth Mother’s loving embrace. Although our Spirit our Higher-Self is not made of the components of the physical world, or bound by it, our bodies are. Our physical body is attuned to the rhythms and pulses of the Earth and is in its highest state of health when it is surrounded by nature and the energy nature naturally offers.

The Divine Nature Infusion offers your physical body the experience of being immersed in the natural world – far from concrete, mechanical things and the unnatural sounds and energies generated by what has been constructed by humans.

This session is especially recommended for those people living in big cities with limited access to nature and the natural world, who feel a longing for nature’s nourishment and are unable to physically take themselves to the forests, lakes, rivers, beaches, mountains and meadows – with clear flowing streams of pure water. This session is like having the experience of being in the natural world and all the benefits that nature provides without actually, physically being there.

People resonate with some places in nature more than others. Meadows, lakes and streams carry some particular energetic qualities, which are different than mountains and forests, or beaches by the sea. This session will offer you the energetic qualities of all those places in nature, each with their own particular energies. You can then absorb and utilize what fits best for you and your own particular energetic mix. It may feel like having a vacation where you can experience many different bioregions and all the benefits from a particular place in nature that fits most correctly for you at the point in time you receive the session.

Using my ability as a channel of pure divine energies, we will work together in conjunction with your Higher-Self and your physical bodies consciousness so that you can experience the maximum amount of balancing and specific energetic attunements that being in nature for extended periods of time offers.

Each session will be unique and offer as much energy as your physical body can absorb and utilize of the benefits of being immersed in the natural world. You will be held lovingly and firmly in the Earth Mother’s loving embrace, offering your physical body renewal, revitalization, balancing and support.

As you would expect, this session will translate into offering more ability to embody your Higher-Self and greater peace and ease as you go about your daily life and interactions with other people. You may find new perspectives and ability to move beyond concerns that may have felt like they have been holding you from moving forward in different areas of your life. How you experience this session and its effects will be as diverse as the different areas in nature that will be offered for your utilization in this session.

This session will be offered while you are sleeping or resting, between the times when you usually go to bed and wake up in the morning and begin to start your day. Due to the nature of this session there will be limited feedback given. You may wish to consider having a series of 3 sessions scheduled at your convenience and focusing on one particular bioregion in each session like: river, streams, lakes & waterfalls or mountains, or beaches and oceans, or forests and woodlands.

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