Divine Energy Infusion


The Divine Energy Infusion has evolved from the overwhelming success of the Grace and Love Infusion Session. The Divine Energy Infusion is a session that bypasses the logical conscious mind and is a direct transmission of the correct energetic or energetics that are most necessary at the time of the session for the receiver’s greatest spiritual evolution that can be transmitted and received at that time.

The Divine Energy Infusion is in some ways similar to the Grace & Love Infusion session. Similar in that it is quite different than my other sessions in that it is a direct channeling of higher dimensional energies rather than a specific clearing, purification, alignment or set series of procedures. The Divine Energy Infusion Session may include any and possibly all of the above if this is what you are most needing in a very precise and powerful way.

The Divine Energy Infusion is similar to a “Now Session” in that it focuses on what is most needed and can be done at that particular point in time only we both let go of what we “think” we know is best and surrender to our greater selves and highest guides of the light. We allow what they know to be in your greatest and best interests to be directly channeled into your energy fields and body.

I allow myself to be a direct channel of the highest energies possible directly into your energy fields that will assist you the most in your spiritual development at the time of the session. I will let go of my ideas of what is best for you and you can let go of your ideas of what you think, you need the most and we will allow the highest aspects of ourselves to give and receive what is most needed in the moment.

Because I will act as a pure channel for you, I will be in a very deep meditative space during the session (very altered from my normal waking consciousness) there will probably be very little feedback that I will be able to offer after the session.

This session is done while you are sleeping. Allowing yourself the time to integrate after this session is highly advised.

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Client Experiences

Dear Adama,
Thank you so much for the session working over twice as long as you usually do! Before 1 am I be prepared, I asked my guide to support the session, then aligned my chakras and started a meditation of light. I usually fell in sleep around 2 am, but the night was different. I was very conscious and could not sleep until 5 am. Because of that, I consciously received your beautiful energies. After the session, I felt my heart was open. While I was teaching students after the session, they were also healed from me. Thank you.

I have many traumas, which are: When I was a child, I was abused and tried to commit suicide to escape from the violence. I also suffered a psychosomatic disorder and bullying for poverty. Three of my brothers died, etc. I may have some other unconscious problems with my heart to express love as I still can not reach my core essence and stay centered.

I think I have created the above problems myself. I am hoping to release karma and let go of struggling, but no success. Probably because I think from head and not from heart.

I suffer an inferiority complex, so have been healing myself. However, I thought I should have another person to support/heal me, so I asked you for the session.

I wish to have a next session, but not sure which one works for me. I would like to have your advice. Thank you.

Love and gratefulness,

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