2024 Frequency Shift Harmonization & Alignment


Since the year 2012 there has been a tremendous shift in the frequency of incoming energies from the Universe. This effects us multi-dimensionally, with more energy, at higher frequencies available to us than ever before. This session is specifically designed to help you to align with and utilize these new energies!

We all get into habits, and our bodies do the same thing energetically. They get into set patterns of how they utilize energy, food, relationships and situations — often in a predetermined and particular way. And more often than not these habitual patterns limit us and hold us back. When our body’s energy systems are not open to receiving the nurturance that is available to it we live in a diminished and less functional way. It is like having all the food available to us to eat when we are starving, but not being able to utilize the nutrients in it because we are not in energetic alignment with it.

There is so much more now available to us from the continual showering rainbow of energetic nurturance that is specifically designed to assist us to live more fully and gracefully than ever before.

This Session specifically will assist you in aligning with the energies now available to assist you in:

1. Opening to new “psychic and intuitive abilities”.
2. Healing or transforming of old, limiting physical health issues.
3. Recognition of dysfunctional patterns that have maintained you in a state of dis-ease.
4. Allowing the physical body to relax due to a lessening of trans-mutational stress and strain.
5. Helping you to move forward into your next step in embodying and living in greater understanding of your place, role and function in the world.
6. Change in your perception and world view.
7. Living with greater awareness, peace, grace and ease with the continually changing “reality” we are living in.

We are currently living within a shifting, changing paradigm and we are transforming, transmuting and journeying into something new and wondrous. I am greatly honored and delighted to finally be offering a new Session that has the potential to be so potent, powerful and helpful in your personal journey.

This session, the information, the encodements and the way of helping another to shift their frequency in such a way as to harmonize and align with the new energies of 2015 was given to me on April 17, 2015 during a Meditation. This will be the first new session that I will be offering in several years. Everything has had to line up to allow this session to take place including my own personal growth and evolution.

I’m so very excited about offering this session specifically designed to help you harmonize and align your personal energetics so that you can utilize what is currently available allowing you to become more fully all of who and what you truly can be on earth here and now!

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