Enlightenment Session


This Session is specifically designed to do what the name says; its job is to give you enlightenment.

This Session is now available to be offered and received because of the new energies radiating to us from the heavens and through the current planetary alignments.

With the help of your Higher-Self and the many guides we will invoke and work with we will specifically address and work to move, shift, clear, open and re-align into a higher order those things that are specifically weighting you down, that are holding you back from being lighter, more free and more able to ascend with grace and ease into more of the fullness of all that you really are capable of being here and now on Earth. This can be especially helpful with the new energies being showered down upon us in an increasingly potent and ongoing way that is assisting all of humanity into the movement into a higher order of consciousness.

This session specifically works to free you from those things that are being activated and illuminated by the current planetary infusions of light and higher energies. We are all being impacted by new planetary alignments, large ongoing infusions of light offering everyone new opportunities for growth and expansion. We are all being propelled forward and we can go and flow with the new shifts and changes with grace and ease or metaphorically be dragged kicking and screaming into our personal higher alignments. It is not a question of going or not. It is all about how we get there.

This session, if you are so guided to take it, will assist you in your personal journey into higher consciousness, greater alignment with your Higher-Self, higher ways of being in the world on a daily basis, allowing more life into your body, more physical health, more vitality and more love to flow through you. It offers greater peace in the midst of all the unfolding changes within yourself and in relation to others and to simply be more open and free in your daily life. If you feel called to receive this session from your heart, from your Higher-Self, it will absolutely offer you something of great value.

I will be working with you from my capacity as a Holographic Harmonizer and using the Eshyouhod energy that I channel along your Higher-Self and various high level guides and beings of the Angelic and Elohim Realms. I will be performing this Session from a very altered and at times non-duel state of consciousness and may have little or no feedback to offer to you regarding this session. If there is any specific information or recommendations offered to me during the session for you it will be communicated as clearly and succinctly as possible.

This Session will be performed in your sleep or while you are laying down resting in bed. Please do not worry, if you need to be sleeping you will be!


You may wish to consider taking a series of 3 Enlightenment Sessions to be scheduled appropriately and including a Grace & Love Infusion with this package for a total fee of $877.00 (This is a savings of $399.00 if each session was taken individually).

The GRACE & LOVE INFUSION SESSION will be included as a bonus when you buy the 3-Session Package.

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After your payment is processed you will receive a confirmation email with a link to complete the personal information form for your session. Adama will then contact you to schedule a time.



Client Experiences

Dear Adama,

Thank you so much for my third Enlightenment session!!

On the night of the session, I felt the same change in air pressure I usually feel. Then I had a sensation of jumping out of my body. I remember that instant, but nothing after it, so I think I must have fallen into a deep sleep.

When I woke up in the middle of the night, I thought I would try to stay awake for the rest of the session. But then I felt an electrical current running through the base of my skull (right at the top of my neck in the back), and I fell back asleep.

One big change I have noticed after the 3rd session is that I am clearly aware of what I am thinking in any given moment.

Up until now, whenever I remembered my past mistakes or felt anxious about the future, I would get sucked into the emotions. After I had already started feeling depressed, I would remember your message to focus on who you want to be, because where you focus your consciousness determines your reality. I practiced remembering this message when I was feeling down in order to get over my depression and return to my center.

Now, I am able to identify my thoughts before the emotions associated with them overpower me, and to return immediately to my center. When I meditate, I am able to spend more and more time in the state of deep stillness.

I also am able to recognize when energies move into my body. For example, when I have been concentrating hard on something at work and I take a break to relax, I can feel the energy flow into me in one large movement. The amount of energy that flows in has also increased.

I also have a strong sense that I am not alone, that the unseen guides, my deep trust and strong connection with you, and other beings I have not yet met who are there for me.

After I read your feedback, I felt such gratitude. At the same time, I felt power surge through my body. I was as excited as a child at an amusement park!

Thank you so much, Adama!! If there are more changes in the future, I will let you know! I look forward to more positive changes to come!

Thank you again!!

With deep Gratitude and Love,

M. E.

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