Rainbow Light Infusion


During one of my last sessions of 2008 I was shown and received a download of information for a session that would be very beneficial to those who were attracted to it. This session is a channeled infusion of the various rays of colored light, like a rainbow that is specifically focused on you and all your physical and non-physical energy systems. The Rainbow Light Infusion will transmit various codes contained within the light, color and sound vibrations directly into you and your physical and non-physical energy systems.

There is a wealth of information written about the different rays of light and the benefits that they carry and bring as well as the various beings of light that specifically work with each individual color or ray of light. I was simply shown that a channeled infusion of rainbow light would assist our physical and non-physical systems in a very positive way, like a plant that thrives and flourishes on the correct amount of sunshine and nutrients.

The Rainbow Light Infusion will offer those nutrients and information encoded in the various rays of light for the bodies’ immediate use. And like a plant that has been missing a particular nutrient, once it is supplied it will naturally grow and flourish. There may be some immediate effects from the infusion and there most likely will be long-term effects that will unfold through time as the system balances through this infusion of Rainbow Light.

I will be in a deep meditative trance state during this channeled infusion of Rainbow Light and will most likely not be able to offer anything other than general feedback from this session. This session is offered while you are sleeping or lying down meditating or resting. I am excited to offer this first “new” session for 2009 and look forward to hearing feedback from how it is received.

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Client Experiences

Dear Adama,

Thank you for the Rainbow Light Infusion session and the feedback.

I thank you that you thought a great deal of the session we did together. This Rainbow Light Infusion one of my best memories and I think this was a beautiful session. It is very difficult to describe the beauty of it.

I woke up in the middle of session, I saw a shiny rainbow color spiral was coming towards me. I thought in my mind, what a beautiful sight! And then I fell sleep again.

I was weaving a cloth, with threads in rainbow colors. There will be a person in love visiting me. I am looking forward to it.

I was walking by a river with stars flowing in it. The Milky Way was sparkling beautifully. I felt a comfortable breeze. I wondered if I was watching The Milky Way, or The Milky Way was watching me. Quietly and peacefully.

I was listening to the roar of waves, lapping of waves against the shore. As soon as I jumped out of the cliff, there was an eagle that flew over from nowhere, caught me on his back and whispered to me “I know everything, why don’t you take a rest for a while”. I thought it might be you watching gentle eyes and feeling the warmness of it. We flew quietly on the boundless expanse of the blue ocean. Soon, everything was covered in shining white light.

I wish I could see the rest of my dreams and find out how is the cloth looked like.

It’s been second July since I took Ka opening and activation session in Ashland. The real purpose of the work was to get to experience, or maybe to be connected to you and be absorbed to it. I wanted to be done by your hands. I didn’t know anything about it at that time, I might be longing to meet you and started taking sessions and at some point I was attracted so much.

I have no idea how long does it take to open my Ka channels and be connected to my higher self, I activate my Ka function fully. Am I waiting for the most unknown event in this world?

Do people should get over their hearts?

You told me once I am brave, for me the bravery is to have trust.

I trust in you and me so that I could go to your place only by myself. For me, you are the unknown itself. And I think, beyond my imagination, you are expanding now.

I am hugely grateful for marvelous connection between you and me, and your kindness to treat me and my selfishness with love and humor.

Thank you for the Rainbow Infusion. I was very pleased to hear that you gave me such a special gift. If you allow me to name it, it would be Gifts of the Beautiful Redwoods Infusion. Such an offering happens only because you, with kindness of heart.

I am 200% satisfied with this session.


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