PACKAGE: Transforming Physically Manifested Illness


3 Transforming Physically Manifested Illness Sessions + Bonus Grace & Love

This package is for those who wish to receive a series of 3 Transforming Physically Manifested Illness Sessions to be scheduled appropriately. It also includes a Grace & Love Infusion with this package for a total fee of $877.00 (This is a savings of $411.00 if each session was taken individually).

Clearing the Root Cause of Physical Dis-ease

For 25 years I have been working very successfully with people to alleviate pain and suffering and who have physically manifested some very dense and challenging dis-ease within their body, using various modalities to address their challenges. I have been reluctant to offer a specific Session to directly work on these issues. Times have definitely changed and after decades of working on such issues within and alongside of the other Sessions I offer or with some select individuals, I will now address such challenging concerns directly with this Session.

Together we will address the root causes and not just the symptoms. Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic definitely has a short term effect but the end result is not the same as changing the overall direction your ship is going!

Currently the most effective and primary way I am addressing an individuals dis-ease is through very potent energetic clearing, opening and alignments. This work is supported with recommendations to firm the energy work done into the physical realms that can bring about definite change and transformation.

I am not a medical doctor nor do I have training as one or profess to be one. What I offer falls more into the category of what can be called a “Medical Intuitive” or “Energy Medicine” or “Clairvoyant Counselor”.

There are countless reasons why difficult and challenging physical symptoms manifest in our lives. I have found that they all begin on a non-physical level. At this point the disturbance is fluid, less formed and less dense and much more easily addressed than once they have become more dense and physically manifested. Please know that the physical body continually orients toward health and well-being. Our goal is to work together in such a way that the bodies natural tendency to be healthy is supported, nurtured and maintained.

Accepting where we currently are and letting go of those things that brought us to the current state of being is a learning process that can take time, dedication and effort. It is a call for us to awaken in ways we were not. It is the Universe calling us to be more conscious and awake in our daily lives. Being willing to make the changes in our life that supports living in a healthy, creative loving way is a life long process of surrender and self-discovery. The rewards are worthwhile and can be life changing in a very positive way

We will work together to identify, open, clear, realign and allow the healing of the structures that have energetically been put in place and are holding a density that does not support the health and well-being that you desire. In the days and nights following your Session you will have more opportunity to become conscious of the patterns and things that have contributed to your current state of being. Often patterns and density will want to reassert itself and the more conscious you can be of this the easier you will be able to release the patterns of thought and mental focus that does not serve you and that promotes dis-ease. You may find this comes in dreams or in sudden revelations and then it is up to you to continue to pay attention and make the changes you can to support the health and well being that is your natural state.

The work we do together will be done in very deep levels with the help and assistance of very high pure beings dedicated to bring you the highest level of health and well-being. We will go through your various energy systems and work with you to help realign and adjust them. We will work to let go of the non-physical impediments to your physical health. This can be a long and multifaceted process that words may be very difficult to adequately describe.

I and our non-physical team will work with you energetically to assist your energetic body to move more freely allowing change and forward movement to be available on multiple levels assisting you in your personal process of embodying more health and well-being.

Multiple Systems of Energy Flows

Here is a little bit of what it looks like to me when I move from this orientation of “reality” to a non-ordinary reality that we will work together in:

Please imagine being able to look at a person and seeing all the blood flowing through their body and all the different channels that it flows through. It is like you would have x-ray vision that sees everything alive and moving, being able to see that which is normally not seen. Using this vision you might see places where the blood is not flowing so strongly or there may be damage and even blocks to the blood flow.

Now imagine that there are multiple systems that have energy flows like blood circulating through the body and each is important to the expression of a healthy physicality. The multiple energy systems that you are seeing also interact with each other and are more than three-dimensional so that looking at them is a multi-layered process and extremely complicated. Also each level has a greater or lesser effect on other levels and processes around them.

This is an amazing, complex continually moving shifting and evolving system of very holographic multi-dimensional interactions. Clearing, opening, aligning, adjusting and harmonizing among the various systems of energy flow we seek to balance and bring a greater overall harmony that can facilitate movement, shift and positive change in stuck, dense patternings that have physically manifested.

How We Work In This Session

My preference is to work with you during your sleep times or when you are laying down and resting and offer written feedback and recommendations after the Session.

Due to the nature of my “work” I will only take on a limited number of people desiring this Session per month as I find myself working before, during and after the “official” session times and dates. Often the physical challenge can be addressed in one Session. However, long term physical challenges may require multiple sessions to achieve the desired results.

Purchase the Package.

After your payment is processed you will receive a confirmation email with a link to complete the personal information form for your session. Adama will then contact you to schedule a time.



Client Experiences

Adama has been wonderfully holding space for me throughout the surgery and days after. He worked with my energetic self during a time period when I wasn’t ready yet to communicate how I was feeling. He carried me through the immense traumatic release of the surgical experience, holding space from a distance, and yet close by. He supported my innate healing ability and the strength and alertness for me to use my own healing skills right before surgery and upon waking up from anesthesia. To my surprise my mind was very present.

He lifted my spirit and got me back into living my passion of dancing just four days after surgery, which increased my healing progress immensely. Being a healer myself I highly recommend Adama’s support. It’s been great to rest into the trust of being held in light.

~ Devi Prem, Mount Shasta, CA

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