Eshyouhod Purification & Infusion


In co-creation with your Higher Self, Spirit, your Physical Being, and Higher Dimensional Light Team we will cleanse, clear and align multiple aspects of your non-physical energetic bodies. Using Eshyouhod Purification energy we will clear out old dysfunctional energetic patterns held within the non-physical energy bodies, remove cords, parasites and inhibiting structures.

The session will be completed with an infusion of all the KA Channels with Purification energy, then an Axiatonal Alignment and protective cocoon of energy.

The Eshyouhod Purification energy is an “intelligent” force that channels through me and adjusts to your specific requirements during the session.

The intention of this session is:

  1. Increased connection with your Higher Self.
  2. Creating an opening that allows significant changes in your life with much less internal resistance and stress.
  3. Creating an opening to see behavior patterns and choose to keep them or change them.
  4. Increased ease in being in your physical body and your interaction in the world.
  5. Greater clarity in decision making.
  6. Deeper meditative access.
  7. Increased health and vitality.

This 2+ hour session is performed in your sleep or during deep meditation for best results. Each person’s experience of the Eshyouhod Purification & Infusion, and the results of the session, will be unique and geared for what is in their highest and best interests at the time of the session. Some people will experience an immediate and powerful shift in their consciousness and usual way of being in the world. The effects of the session may be immediately striking and profound or much more subtle and unfold slowly over the coming weeks.

The Eshyouhod Purification & Infusion is not to be taken lightly and you need to be clear that this session is “right” for you.

This process works with what you are ready to open to and receive at the “now point” of the session. The session opens the door to make new choices in your daily life with greater conscious awareness.

Combined with a daily meditative practice this could be just the lift you need to anchor and radiate more of the Higher Self through your physicality here and now, stronger and more clearly than ever before.

Some people may experience some of the following:

  1. Old dysfunctional patterns may immediately become pronounced and painful so that they can be easily identified and new choices made to shift them.
  2. Family and work relationships will notice a “change” and may try and hold you back to energetically where they knew you and were comfortable with you (unconsciously on their part).
  3. The physical body may be more tired and in need of more rest as it adjusts to the new energy you will be using.
  4. You may become much more sensitive to others, your environment and what you need to do to take care of yourself.

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Client Experiences

Dear Adama,

Thank you very much for your remote session that I had last night. It was my first time to have a session like this.

It was miraculous and magically wonderful!! My day that I had today was completely different from the others before. My mind is all clear and nothing to worry about of any now.

I read your book and watched the DVD and I really liked your voice, so I found of your session and I trusted my feeling to take your remote session. It was more than great!

Thank you very much. More than thank you!

With love,
M I, Japan



Thank you very much for your feedback. I had sent you the previous mail before I got the feedback.

I appreciate your feedback and now I’ll write more detail about your remote session and how it is working.

The day before the session, at midnight, I had like funny night. My conscious? Or something went very deep, and during the day I was really sleepy that was unusual, and I felt that something was ready for the session.

Around the time the session started, I just couldn’t sleep, I woke up suddenly, but then from above my head some strong energy came into my head and I fell asleep immediately. It was so strong an energy but it was great to feel.

Actually I don’t get sessions like this often, and the explanation of this session it said not for beginners, but when I saw this name of session I felt “That’s it. I need this.” And I quickly asked to have this session as soon as possible.

I think my soul and heart took me to your book and this session. It is perfect.

Since last December when I got some divine energy, I began to speak some language that nobody understood, it is like from the another universe’s language or something, but when I listened your chants in DVD, I felt it was something similar.

Our heart knows everything! I’m really happy to have your session and I’d like to see you in the future for sure.

Thank you very much again. And I am so lucky to get your great wonderful session.

From yesterday I completely changed, my mind is so clear, and now I know what I want to do and already started to act on this the next morning.

Thank you very much again.

With love,

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