Energy Retrieval (Soul Retreival)


In this session co-created with your Higher Self we will look at whatever, within the various energy bodies, needs attention and work to align, balance, open, infuse, clear, purify, close or set into motion the energetic necessary for your highest good at this point in time.

During this session we actively retrieve parts of your core energy that is outside of yourself and when it is returned to you allows for you to function at optimal levels. This can be as simple as gathering parts of our core energy left in past relationships, places we have lived and even things we have created. It can become more complicated when it is gathered back from other “lifetimes” and dimensions.

Your core energy will be returned immediately when possible or appropriate actions will be taken to clear it and then have it returned as soon as possible.

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Client Experiences

Dear Adama,

Thank you for the session the other day. During the session, I felt like I was paralyzed and some energies were flowing onto me.

After reading your feedback, I got so excited! Following your suggestions (including the one from earlier session), I have come to enjoy my life and now I clearly know what I would like to do – I want to have a life fulfilled with love and joy and help others. I have decided to resign from the company which I have been with for 12 years at the end of March 2010. I will take some kind of training program then.

Again, I am very excited to read your feedback – I look forward to finding some of the experiences/information obtained from all the lifetimes through meditation.

Thank you very much.

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