Spiritual Counseling


This is an exploration of a pressing concern, a life challenge or specific issue that you feel my skills and abilities may help you to clarify and resolve or receive the information and guidance to be at ease with or take action on.

My focus is on empowering you to take charge of you life and assuming your own Mastery. This session may involve energy work as it unfolds or is necessary.

We can do this session in person, over the phone or on Zoom. Usually one hour is enough time for what needs to be illuminated and specific recommendations and tools given.

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After your payment is processed you will receive a confirmation email with a link to complete the personal information form for your session. Adama will then contact you to schedule a time.

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Client Experiences

Dear Adama,

Thank you for the great session! I have already been experiencing amazing changes. During the session, you appeared in my dream (the same happened in the previous session, too). I always felt your love and sincerity in the dream. Thank you for doing a special session this time!

I understood your feedback quite well. When I am meditating or connecting with my Higher Self, everything regarding myself looks perfect and beautiful. I can not find even one problem. If I try to find something bad with me, I actually can not. I feel love and freedom within. Probably, what you suggest is I have to nurture myself with more love, and always remember this feeling that I am a perfect and beautiful being. I now realize how important self-love is! When I hated myself in the past, I was never able to love others. I treated other people as I treated myself. I was desperate with everything, but some part of me knew that this was not truly myself. I knew that I should have the other reality. Now, my world has changed to a wonderful one!

If I raise my vibration, what used to be problematic for me in the past would not look in the same way, right? After the session, I had lots of awareness and feel like I have returned my sweet home finally. Until the previous day of the session, I had tightness in the heart, but after the session, I feel great! It’s just like a bad dream was over. The feeling is still on and I am very relaxed now.

I will try to not be too serious and enjoy love, nurturing myself with self-love.

After the session, I am not addicted to coffee any more. I have it once a day, but do not feel I need to have it.

Please accept my sincere thanks and love from the bottom of my heart. Thank you so much.

I may need your help in the future again. When time has come, I will consider to have your Holographic Re-Patterning session.


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