About the Sessions

The lightbody sessions work on the subtle energy body. Most are done as ‘distance healing sessions’ and done while a person is sleeping for the most ease in working on the person.

I am a skilled etheric surgeon (among other things) and use all my skills and abilities to assist this planets transition into Light. Due to the rather unique nature of my being, I work with and utilize a very clear, powerful and “intelligent” energy I have named “Eshyouhod” that channels through me and is unique to me, as far as I know.

Sessions Offered

Please review the sessions offered. You can links to a full description of each session, where you have the option to order and pay for the session. Upon receipt of an order I will contact you to determine the best time for your session.

If you are having difficulty deciding I would recommend first considering:

  • Diamond Lightbody Strengthening and Fortification
  • Energy Retrieval Session (“Soul Retrieval”)
  • Chakra Purification or KA Channel Purification
  • “NOW” Session may be appropriate anytime and is different each time it is received.

The KA Channel Activation & Opening is done “hands on” and in person due to the nature of the energies involved.

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