Chakra Purification


In co-creation with your Higher Self the Eshyouhod Purification energy is channeled through the Chakra system purifying and clearing years and even lifetimes of accumulated “stuff” that no longer serves you.

A correctly operating Chakra system is like a correctly operating circulatory system where the heart, arteries, veins and capillaries are all doing their jobs efficiently in every moment. Energy is moved correctly, waste is disposed of and you feel healthy, in harmony and able to move through the world gracefully.

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Client Experiences

Dear Adama,

I am sorry that I reply for your feedback so late.

I felt something has released after I took the Chakra Purification session. From around July, I felt like I am not here, I was not living every moment that I exist. After the session, I felt very calm and that I can communicate with others in gentler way.

One week after DNA session, I realize sleep less but I feel strong with my body. I felt more happiness and my heart was quiet.

After one month, I was wondering if my freckles got less, when I went to the esthetics the therapist said that my skin got really better.

Another thing I realize was I am regaining my eyesight. I think that is occurring because of all the sessions I took since April. I never expected such thing happens in my life so I cannot contain myself for joy.

I appreciate for all the sessions! Thank you very much!

Thank you,

Dear Adama,

Thank you for the session for Chakra Purification and your warm feedback, which I repeatedly read.

Life had been tough for me for long time. Your session have helped me to feel better and live more easily.

I will ask you another session, Energy Retrieval (Soul Retrieval) next month.

See you next month!

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