Diamond Lightbody Strengthening & Fortification


As the human body mutates from a carbon to silicon-based organism an amazing amount of transition must take place. You could think of it as remodeling a very old house into the most fantastic futuristic home imaginable.

The challenge is that you are living in the old house as all the workmen are making all the changes that are necessary for the transformation. If you have ever had to live in a house where all kinds of repairs are taking place you know of how challenging this can be as various services are turned off and on, various tests need to be made, all the noise, dirt and coordination that must take place and that sometimes does not.

The complete wiring system needs to be upgraded to be able to handle energetic frequency that would cause the original wiring to burn up. Sometimes we are impulsed with energy before various connections are completed causing problems in our currently functioning energetic system. Other systems are being worked on at the same time by different crews of workers and they sometimes do not communicate so clearly together.

In this session in co-creation with your Higher Self the energetic “wiring system” as well as other critical areas are looked at and strengthened as necessary. You could think of a young tree that may temporarily need support so it does not blow over in strong winds and rain or its limbs needing support to prevent them from breaking during snow or ice storms. A temporary crystalline sheath may be used to strengthen weaker areas, holes may be patched and other areas in need of attention are appropriately attended to. The overall effect is to allow the most graceful movement from one state of being to the next without avoidable discomfort and the need for emergency repairs in the bodies transitioning systems.

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Client Experiences

Dear Adama,
Thank you for the session. I am very happy to receive your feedback with warm messages.

Also, thank you for doing extra clearing and alignment work before you started the session. I knew I held some old negative energies which I had accumulated for a long time (as I could not manage my life).

In the morning after the session, I was exhausted like after having had a big surgery. I was tired and thirsty thoughtout the day. Next day, I almost recovered and had a mysterious experience. I had a feeling that I have another body in my physical body. The body inside got out of my physical body for a few seconds and returned to me immediately.

Two days later, I felt great! Before the session, I always felt lazy and sleepy, but now I do not feel this way.

I am so happy and can not find appropriate words to express how much I appreciate you.

Look forward to the next session.

Thank you, MI

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