Grace & Love Infusion


The Grace & Love Infusion is a new session as of April 2007 and the energies that are channeled are very different than the Purification energy I usually channel during sessions.

I act as a direct channel of Love and Grace energies that infuse and support your spiritual, emotional and physical energy fields.

This session has been received in response to the needs of people who have done a great deal of energetic and spiritual work yet find themselves in a difficult, painful and depressed state of being. It helps uplift the individual into a state of feeling connected to their own Spirit and the Universe as a safe, nurturing, loving and supportive place so that they can once again co-create their highest visions of living Heaven on earth.

Sometimes we feel caught in a hole or a patch of quicksand that no matter how hard we try, we keep slipping, falling back into the hole or sinking back down again and again. This session is like a hand that helps one up and out of the hole so that the can stand firmly on a higher ground once more. A doorway is opened, a loving, helping hand is offered and you are invited to go through into a higher frequency and to stay in this higher vibrating state of being.

This session has also been experienced as if one has taken a vacation from their usual daily lives and come back rested, refreshed and able to see things from a perspective that is filled with grace and ease.

One receives a direct transfusion of Grace and Love directly into ones energy fields and this energy allows natural shifts and changes to take place. Shifts have happened that are immediate, profound and lasting. It is not like anything in the outside world has changed, but ones orientation to ones life situation is allowed to shift and enables change to take place. It is like remembering and truly feeling all of the pure positive energy that we truly are and all the connections we have that love and support us from the non-physical realms.

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Client Experiences

Dear Adama,

Thank you for the feedback.

My purpose in taking these sessions is to heal my body. From childhood, I have dealt with distortions in my pelvic and spinal curvature, as well as mental illness in the form of apathy and chronic fatigue.

Following the Sacred Geometry Infusion session, I am experiencing mental improvements and an increase in vigor. After the NOW session, I felt improvements in my spine, although I do think it will take time for complete healing to take place.

I look forward to next week’s DNA session.

Thank You!
Y. I.


Thank you so much for the Sacred Geometry session the other day. I would like to share what I felt during the session.

I realized that in order to trust yourself and open your heart, you need to have a foundation of self-love. They say that you just have to allow yourself to receive, but in the end you can only receive in proportion to how open and loving you are. Thanks to this session, I really “got” that.

I also understood how to tell the difference between choices made in fear, and those made in love. I realized that fear has been driving my choices. Fear feels different, has a different frequency from love, so I can catch the feeling when I am choosing out of fear and change my choices!

This is what I have been wanting: to live as my true self. Now I feel that by loving myself as I am, I can easily return to myself. Up until now, I thought that was difficult, but I don’t know why I thought so…I feel like I’ve taken the long road, but I guess that was part of the experience.

I learned that pure consciousness wants to know itself and to experience life. Now I want to experience endless possibilities! I want to enjoy whatever excites me and brings me joy!

That is how I feel. I’ve read it before in books, but you have to experience something for it to really sink in. To think that there is joy in the experience of even the things I don’t like makes me amazed at the beauty of this reality. And how wonderful that I am creating this amazing reality.

I feel like the pieces of the puzzle that I had been searching for have fallen into place. This has been a major completion. I am so glad that I chose to take the Enlightenment session and the Sacred Geometry session one after the other.

Thank you for the amazing session!
M. M.

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