Divine Masculine Energy Infusion


The Divine Masculine Energy Infusion is an infusion of male energies in their highest form. The Divine Masculine is outwardly creative and is the force that allows us to explore, discover and build outwardly in our world. The Divine Masculine represents the highest level of expression and manifestation of masculine energy. As spiritual-physical beings we have complex psychological and emotional energies that combine to produce our inner health and outer reality.

We each have the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies contained within us. Our own unique and continually shifting balance of these energies is an integral part of a feeling of well-being, wholeness, connection and the ability to function effectively in the world.

This session has helped others align and attune to the Divine Masculine energy they presently carry and then to use this attunement, this alignment to allow their inner expression, their inner creativity to begin to manifest outwardly in the physical world. This session may be just right for those who desire the alignment with the highest aspects of their masculine energies so that they can take effective and creative action in the physical world.

The Divine Masculine Energy infusion is most likely a session that will appeal to those who have taken other sessions I offer and have had a “feeling” sense of the work I perform and channel. The individual choosing this session will most likely just “know” this session is correct for them at the time they read about it. This is subtle energy work and offers the receiver a gentle boost, a helping hand to move forward in taking positive actions in the world from a balanced position of inner strength and power.

I am in a very deep and altered space, while performing this very focused channeling session and because of this there is usually very little feedback to offer after the session. The session is done long distance during your sleep time.

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Client Experiences

Dear Adama,
I feel excited to have your session again. The gratitude I have in my heart is indescribable. I feel excited to think of my future. I don’t know what it is but I feel that finally I can do what I really want to do.

The effects of the session I took before were wonderful and I understood what you meant on the feedback I received then. I thought those were my challenges but I realize that those were manifested. I can’t help being amused. I never felt I could let go of so many things, I am surprised that I could love myself again. I feel something strong within. I finally got relief from a long dream of amnesia. I feel I am on the way to be awakened from the dream but I have no worry. I feel so grateful. I have no idea how to thank you. Thank you very much.

I wanted to apply for your sessions in March but I could not because my son was taking an entrance exam and I also moved so it was tight on schedule and budget. Next year I would take the session!

Love and Gratitude,
J, Japan

Dear Adama,

Thank you for the feedback. I appreciate that, again, you worked on me with more time and great care. I feel my heart is strengthened. I do understand what you told about the dynamic energy of the whales. I feel the same way, too. I am very excited, I feel joy to think of it. And also I feel the tranquility and a good sense. It is a miracle to me! Since I was child I believed that this world is not real at all, but now, I feel I am living in a real world. It is like I was awoke from a dream. I feel so great.

I never imagined that kind of thing would happen to me! I changed in such a great way! It reminds me of the saying, “Ask, and it shall be given you.” I am so glad that I met you. I am profoundly grateful to you. I feel like I have wings on my back. Thank you from my heart. I look forward to have other sessions with you sometime.

Love and Gratitude,

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