Rainbow Shine2015 is going to be a very intense year that will challenge us to rise to our greatest potentials again and again. Let’s get one thing very clear at the start of this year so as we enter into all that awaits us we can meet the challenges fully and clearly. We are vast multi dimensional beings who are timeless and forever that have chosen to allow a portion of our consciousness to become physically embodied here on earth.

We made a plan and had an agenda for our time here. We planned with others of what could be called our “soul family” to have experiences that would stretch and grow us to our maximum abilities, capacities and potentials. We also knew we would forget almost all of our plans, helpers and incarnated soul family once we arrived. Everything that was perfectly clear, made perfect sense, which would utilize our skills talents and abilities in the weaving of an incredible co-creative tapestry of transformation and evolution as seen from a very high comprehensive overview would be and was forgotten once we pass through the veil from nonphysical to becoming physical.

Please take a moment and really think about what has just been said and it’s implications to us, our life here as we know it and experience it through our physical body.

If you truly understand and believe what I have said in the first paragraph, how many of your moment to moment choices are supporting that understanding and belief? Maybe a better question would be what percentage of your choices supports the understanding of whom and what you really are and the life you are living here on earth at this point in time? The choices we make in each and every moment set up an energetic field that magnetizes and draws to us what we call into our future. The benevolence of the Universe supports us in giving to us what we have offered through our choices.

We are not alone in this process and each of us is supported by a non-physical team of helpers and guides. We have a connection with our Higher-Self that will continually inspire us and show us the best available way step-by-step. This guidance is shown to us one step at a time, because of the immensity and complexity of the continual shifts and changes that are happening all the time. There are multitudes of possibilities that are moment to moment rearranging and changing, demanding continual readjustment and attunement to follow the highest and best path available in any given moment. Our Higher-Self clearly and lovingly guides us like a cosmic GPS system, using our emotions and feelings to guide us. And now I would like to say something that I have not said before as clearly or succinctly.

This guidance from our Higher-Self, as clear and direct as it is, can be misconstrued and misunderstood if we ourselves have not done our personal work to be able to feel, hear and see such guidance clearly.

When our “receiving station” which is our physical body (which includes our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual “bodies”) is holding damage from trauma, damaged or faulty belief patterns or anything that corrupts our ability to get a clear message from our Higher-Self the actions we take from the information we are getting will be unclear. It will be shaded and unclear to the degree we are unable to discern and follow the messages we are getting.

In other words if we were receiving visual input and had glasses on that are shaded, depending upon how dark of shading we are looking through, our perception will be equally distorted and affect what is available for us to see. So basically, we continually have a PERFECT SIGNAL radiated out from our Higher-Self, BUT if we ourselves are unclear, to the degree we are unclear within ourselves we will be less able to really get what is being transmitted to us accurately. We will distort the message though the filters of our own lack of clarity.

The good news is that there are multitudes of different modalities and ways we can use to assist us in releasing trauma, damage, unclear or faulty beliefs systems and any of the other things that distort or shade our ability to receive information clearly from our Higher-Self! Sometimes it is a trial and error process to find what works best for us from all the possibilities available, and often one path will lead to another that is more appropriate for where we currently are. We will continually evolve, learn and grow and it can be done with grace and ease. We will continually evolve, learn and grow and it can be done with grace and ease. The more clearly we get the message our Higher-Self is trying to convey to us the more rich, full, alive, creative, love and joy filled our life will be!

I believe it is one of our primary responsibilities to get ourselves energetically, psychically, and emotionally and clear from our cultural programming so that the ability to receive guidance clearly from our Higher-Self is as good as possible. It is my personal commitment to you and myself that I will continually work to make myself as clear as possible, to be a vessel to receive from my Higher-Self the direction, information and guidance with the least distortion possible. It is also my goal, as well as commitment, to channel the highest and most clear energies, light, clearing and information available or appropriate at any given point in time here on planet earth for those I work with, the earth and for myself.

I look forward to sharing more with you this year and would be delighted to work with you to assist you in your ongoing journey if anything I have to offer or share appeals to you and feels right and correct for you.

In the light, Love and Service,

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