I’ve been traveling, working and escalating my own personal development. Writing my Monthly Thoughts is a pressure that’s ever present with the desire to really share something pertinent in a clear succinct manner. Writing my Monthly Thoughts has suffered and today I’ve been inspired to share what’s coming through. Please consider this the missing months all rolled into one brief and hopefully useful message!

We are Master Creators

We are the physical expressions of a much larger and greater energy. We create with each and every thought we think. Imagine you are continuously throwing seeds into the air around you. As you can see from our natural world and know, most seeds do not germinate, grow and realize their full potential. A good thing overall!

Our thoughts become more likely to germinate, to become physically realized the more we think the same thought (throw out more of the same seeds). We can increase the odds of their manifestation by our focus and attention, as well as with a strong emotional charge to them. When we metaphorically till the ground, fertilize it appropriately, water and provide all the right conditions it also is more likely to become a reality as we know it.

The reality that we can touch, taste and feel with our physical senses.

The emotional charge and intensity can we give our thoughts acts to focalize it into a higher probability of becoming real. This is great as long as we are being conscious about our thoughts and wish them to be realized. The same energetics will also hasten our fears and less conscious thoughts to more likely to materialize.

Obviously it’s a good idea to pay attention to our thoughts. It serves us to be as conscious as possible about the seeds we are sewing.

Our thoughts (those seeds of unrealized creations) can also cancel each other out. This is like pushing and pulling at the same time or walking forward and backwards approximately equally. Do you get the idea and picture? Want to know how this is working in your life? Look at the garden of manifestation all around you right now.

As we do not live in isolation we are also planting seeds with all those around us on an ongoing basis. Do you like what you’re seeing and living? Then keep doing the same things (same or similar thoughts, focus, attention and intensity of emotional impulses connected to them). Makes sense, doesn’t it?

How I’ve stated this process is fairly simple and rather mechanical. It really is and isn’t that simple or straight forward!

This is due to the complexity of our upbringing, culture and lives.
Much is a real Mystery. What we can do is tilt the odds in favor of our desire as compared to what we do not wish.

My mind is my garden,
My thoughts are my seeds,
Shall I plant flowers or weeds?

I have thoughts that I’m focusing on and doing internal work to help increase the presence of manifestations more to my liking. I’m sure you do as well.

Using the analogy of seeds and planting, imagine yourself as the fertile soil for the planting of seeds. What could use some tilling or cultivating within yourself for your own Spring planting of seeds? Will your garden be filled with flowers or weeds?

Wishing You an Abundant & Radiant Spring!
Blessings, Light&Love,

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