I sincerely believe that what One focuses upon One then attracts and brings energetically and in many ways towards oneself. A mass consciousness focusing on a particular thing then empowers it. Of course this has multiple implications and complications as it’s not simply as black-and-white as stated.

It is a fact that much of the world’s population is currently focusing on a particular disease that is effecting the world right now. It is a universal law here on Earth that “Like will attract Like.” Similar frequencies and vibrations attract to each other.

I’m also currently pondering how much the predominance of the western medical model of health is giving itself a huge boost in credibility even though in my mind it is dubiously deserving it under close examination. It’s a very interesting historical journey to see how the western allopathic medical way became the predominant ideology. The how and why of how it has become the mainstream dogma is truly fascinating!

We definitely are in uncertain times. It is a time of change and reorganization. Let’s make this one that brings us closer to what we really value and want more of in our lives!

Being in a state of fear will only attract more of itself. Fear of becoming ill, feeling powerless and perceptions of powerlessness in the face of this unseen disease empowers it. Doing what one can, taking thoughtful and wise precautions makes good sense to me! Being kind to yourself and others makes good sense to me.

I am concerned that out of fear and blindly trusting in Western Medical interventions and beliefs in vaccines as cures for unseen ailments, blindly denying the ill effects of inoculations, may fearfully condone mass and forced inoculations. Hopefully this will not come to pass at this point in time but I believe the stage is being set for just such a thing. May we all make choices not out of fear and panic but after wise and calm examination of all possibilities and outcomes.

Also what is being left unsaid and seemingly even thought is our human body’s natural ability to maintain health and wellness in spite of huge assaults upon it.

Assaults that are given it daily through what is called normal life such as the types of foods most of us consume as well as the environments around where the majority of people live.

If I give up even the idea that I have an influence on my own health, then of course I give it away. I then give my power away to others who think they know best. “Do they?” is a really good question to ask. What is their foundation of belief that is guiding their opinions and determinations of what is “real” and what is “true”.

I strongly believe it’s a time for us to awaken our own inner healers, for real!

Please think critically and use your best discernment as to what is most true for you. I hope you make calm and wise choices as best you can on any decisions that you need to make.

I wish you all the greatest of health in body, mind and spirit!

I am available during this time to personally help. Please look over my offerings and contact me if you feel I can be of assistance to you.

In Light, Love and Service,

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