2015-July-HeartYour Awakening unfortunately may not coincide with your personalities, hopes, dreams and desires. In fact it’s possible that your carefully laid plans of a safe, comfortable and predictable life are of little consequence to your hearts desire that you awaken and it’s orchestration of life to wake you up!

The society and world that most of us live in is really the illusion we must wake up from to find the sanity, peace and freedom we desire. We will find the freedom from fear. We will find a peace that allows us to rest. We will gain a wiser perspective that allows us to observe and even be in the insanity of our current society’s and world’s position while staying in our center of true love.

From a clearer perspective, coming from and true love our choices and actions will flow, not based on illusions or the current “worldly values”, but from a deep heart-centered knowing. Our hearts will guide us and the world will change in ways we only imagine. Everything will be very different. And we are moving in that direction right now.

We are being called to let go of the illusions we hold and to have faith in something inside of us that continually calls us home. Our heart is the key, as well as the doorway, and surrendering to a new way of being will be the challenge. The prize will be living in the flow of life that continuously unfolds for us in a symphony of evolution that continually shows us more beauty, love and aliveness.

We are all being invited to this party of awakening. How we arrive there will be an extraordinary journey especially for those of us who are called to arrive first. Trusting your heart’s knowing and surrendering your illusions are the tickets that will get you inside!

It is a pleasure and honor to share this journey with you!

In Light, Love and Service,

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