It’s Spring here where I’m living! I love the Springtime, eagerly feeling it growing a little warmer, and the day’s light lasting longer, with each passing day. It is definitely a good time for planting.

I have a little story I would like to share with you regarding planting in a non-physical way that manifests physically. This is something it seems like I continually talk about, because it’s near and dear to my heart, and hopefully of interested to you as well.

I live a rather modest life in many ways. My home is rented, my car is 10 years old and I live very simply, all things considered. In a typical month I spend 45 to 70 hours attending classes and activities that are directed towards personal growth, learning and expansion. If I devoted this time and energy to generating income my home would be owned, my car newer, and my bank account overflowing in ways it currently is not. I choose to work with a limited number of clients that are really attracted to what I can offer them and who demonstrably benefit very highly from our time together.

So, when the person who owns the condominium where I am living and renting, without any prior notice, said they are going to raise my rent 70% more than what I’m currently paying as of the next rent cycle I was shocked. This news came as a surprise and disruption to my life and plans. My budget could not support such a drastic increase. This unexpected pressure forced me to pay attention in ways I have not been.

Due to the changes over the past 8 years in the housing situation in the small town that I live in what is available for a rental now really is 70% less in quality, size and location than what was available previously when I chose this home and moved in. This gave me the opportunity to see the contrast of what I would be leaving and had been enjoying where I currently live.

I resigned myself to moving to a smaller and in so many ways lessor living space as well as drastically reducing possessions I have accumulated. I begin to sort the small amount I would keep and the large amount I would let go of. This put me through a lot of emotional turmoil and upheavals that finally gave way to letting go and surrender.

After a short period of time I began to really look at and see all of the attributes of my current home that I loved and had in many ways taken for granted. I stopped paying attention to those things that I didn’t like or that could be changed for the better. I consciously began to notice details I really liked and appreciated. Continuously I began to think to myself how much I love this particular aspect of my living situation. I did this in almost every moment and movement when I was home, throughout the day, and also as I was coming and going from where I live.

I consciously let go of possessions, my home and my attachments to them. Surprisingly this was no small task for me! Thoughts of traveling more and longer, as well as really feeling and being free, became my clear and conscious reality. After the first days of anguish my inner worlds shifted into acceptance, letting go, really appreciating everything and the new freedom I would have.

Focusing on what I love and all the freedoms and potential’s now available that were not previously raised my frequency and vibration significantly.

Can you guess what happened after three weeks?

I found out, through a series of unusual and somewhat magical seeming events, that I really did not have to move immediately! Also, I received new invitations for opportunities that previously I had only dreamed of. In the past I would have let them go because of financial and time restrictions. My life expanded, opened and has blossomed in new exciting; very joyful ways!

This experience of letting go, surrendering to what “is” and consciously focusing on what I love and appreciate allowed a very surprising shift to happen. Sounds like what I have been writing about and offering as intentional ways of being in the world that allows for the manifestation of what you really want to have in your life doesn’t it? I got to really practice what I have been recommending!

It shows me again that there are many components that go into your “world creation” and leaving out a particular piece, or being less attentive to one, will eventually pull down all the others. If you took an inventory of your life and what is working and what is not, as well as you would like, what areas could use some more conscious attention?

From my direct and recent experience catching things sooner is better than having physical manifestations that shock you into attention through pressure, possibly forcing actions you have not planned or are really ready to undertake. If by chance you are already in the midst of a type of crisis there are multiple forms of help available for you that can set you moving forward gracefully once again.

With that in mind I invite you to look over my offerings and see if there’s something there that might open some new doors for you or possibly help bring up to a higher level your already flowing and desirable life. It would be my pleasure to assist you in your ongoing journey of letting go of what no longer serves you and inviting in more and more of who and what you truly are to be physically embodied here and now.

In Light, Love and Service,

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