2016-novWe made a soul agreement to be here on earth during this time of transformation, transition and awakening. Many of us might not have read or have forgotten the fine print on our contract agreeing to be here now!

There is good news and there’s bad news as they say. The good news is the light is continuously incoming, increasing and is really doing it’s job! The bad news is all the light is unrelentingly illuminating and bringing to the surface that which is not resonant with itself. This is and has been demonstrated full force in the recent US election for president. And of course the judgments of good and bad are always dependent on a perspective that is close up and not as wide or unified as what is really more accurate from a broader more unified perspective.

We are all being impulsed with the same light. If we choose to constrict and contract within, it does not allow the transformation it offers to take place, and pain and suffering will result. All of us of higher consciousness are being called to release the darkness we all carry inside and become more and more of what we truly are. Our hearts are the key to allowing the light to shine through us.

Let’s make a practice of letting go of labeling things good or bad within ourselves and outside of ourselves. When we embrace all of what we are, all the various characters and components within us, then we can more consciously choose wisely, lovingly and helpfully the most correct actions to take in the world.

Our hearts, where love resides, when allowed to open, becomes the gateway for unification. This unification must take place within us first and foremost and then we will see the changes in the world around us that will free us from the chains of our mind’s illusions and our third chakra’s self-oriented pettiness. The opened and illuminated heart rightly becomes the master of the mind. The awakened and illuminated heart uses the correct flow of all chakras facilitating the human into becoming a unified functioning whole being. Love becomes the guiding force rather than the separated mind and lower chakras.

The invocation to Light below is an excellent tool for remembering who you truly are. I personally use it multiple times a day.

I live within the Light.
I love within the Light.
I laugh within the Light
I Am sustained and nourished by the Light.
I joyously serve the light.
For I Am the Light.
I Am the Light.
I Am the Light.
I Am.
I Am.
I Am.
~ Tashira Tashi-ren

If there is anything that I might offer to support you in your quest for personal unification, heart opening and becoming more of your divinity incarnated please let me know.

In Light, Love and Service,

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