There are so many things that have shaped us into who we are and how we function and why we do the things that we do in the world right now. Our culture and the society we live in, our parents or parenting, schooling, friends, the work we do all shape us in various ways.

Daily life exposes us to interactions, chemicals, toxins and stress from all kinds of different sources, seen, as well as unseen.

A good spring cleaning can help clear away muck and energetic sludge that we weren’t even aware we were carrying around.

This is especially helpful for those of us who are highly sensitive (and this would very likely apply to you if you’re reading this). As energy builds up in you and gets trapped or blocked you may find yourself having an abundance of challenges.

For each of us, a set of unique challenges often originated from not having a safe, predictable experience with our early caregivers. We then developed strategies to deal with being unsafe in one way or another. Most of us dampened down our aliveness, creativity and life force to fit in, be acceptable and as safe as possible in the face of pressures that were often overwhelming.

Additionally, sensitive people are often called to professions where we work with and see many different people daily. We are continuously needing to shift and adapt to different energies, inputs and activations of those around us, while unconsciously making adjustments for keeping ourselves clear, safe and whole. Commuting to work and home can also bring us into contact with thousands of people, all with very diverse energies. At work we then have to work with people who are (or appear to be) very different than us and can be difficult to be around and to work harmoniously with, without great cost to us energetically. It is little wonder that the commulative affect can leave us feeling drained.

We are each unique and different, with strengths, as well as weaknesses, that can be maximized and minimized to serve us to live more vibrantly, creatively and in greater more fulfilling ways.

How do you maximize your energies and minimize your weaknesses? Certainly a first step is identifying them. The next step may be actually doing what you know serves you and not doing those things that don’t!

Just like you bathe, brush your teeth, wash and clean your clothes, doing the same with your inner world and energy system is as vitally important. Having a simple daily practice of clearing away old inhibiting things and centering and aligning yourself is essential for your health and well-being.

Often the assistance of someone with the skills and abilities to assist you in whatever shifts and changes you might wish to make is very helpful. Your discernment in choosing what outside force to assist you is crucial!

Strong, clear, positive energies outside your own assisting in your clearing, aligning and opening process with their outside force, perspective and particular attention is very helpful. An outside force clearing away things that have been around so long that you may not even recognize them as obstacles to your forward movements can be very beneficial. Your discernment in choosing what force to use is vitally important as it needs to be intelligent, clear, sensitive and aligned with you and your goals on multiple levels to really be beneficial for you.

Some suggestions for a Spring Cleaning:

  1. Have a simple daily meditation practice.
  2. Do a quick and easy energetic clearing and aligning practice daily.
  3. Take a little time for yourself each day even if it is only 10 minutes.
  4. Pay attention to your thoughts and focus on what you want in a positive way.
  5. Practice some form of physical activity at least 3 times a week.
  6. Make time for play in your life.
  7. Being or walking in Nature will automatically helps your body systems to balance and align.
  8. Using your highest discernment, consider working with a trusted outside force multiple times a year to help with your personal evolution, clearing, alignments and for new openings or direction.

I’m wishing You a graceful Spring Cleaning that extends from the physical to the non-physical resulting in You being sparkling clean and clear inside and out!

I would be honored to be an expansive, constructive, clearing and aligning outside force (something that comes from outside your personal physical energy system) to assist in Your Spring Clearing. Please look over the Sessions that I offer and using Your heart knowing, Your feelings and intuition see if anything there would assist you in Your ongoing journey.

In Light, Love and Service,

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