image1 (1)The month of September has seen once again an unprecedented amount of new waves of light energy infusing the earth and us. We have had some unusual astrological alignments and occurrences that have assisted our ongoing capacity to hold, embody and maintain more Light within our physical bodies. And of course you know what this entails?

The more Light we embody, the more anything that we are holding or carrying that is not resonating with this upgrade in frequency and vibration will be brought to our attention. We are being offered the opportunity to feel and see where we are not in alignment. We now have the opportunity to do whatever we must do to let go of those things that are constricting and restricting us in ways that no longer serve us to be and to live as that greater and more enlightened part part of us is calling us towards.

We can open to what is new, the expanded version of ourselves, with grace and ease or we can go kicking and screaming all the way home, letting go and embracing the new like the caterpillar lets go if it’s old life embracing what seems like and in some ways is it’s death. As we know the caterpillar’s seeming death is necessary for the metamorphosis, the transformation of what once was into the new amazing world of the butterfly. Are you ready to really let go and fly?

There are a multitude of ways, tools and modalities available to us to us to assist in our journey forward into the unknown. You simply have to ask for and be open to discovering or finding what may work best for you. Please do use your discernment along the way and know that one choice opens the door to another choice that may be even more fitting and in alignment with what’s in your highest and best alignment from your new position and expanded point of view.

Our personal alignments and embracement of more light and consciousness will assist all those around us to illuminate more brightly as well. Healing yourself of old wounds, freeing yourself of past, trauma and conditioning goes backward and forward in time helping and assisting all your genetic family and the world as a whole!

It’s an honor and a pleasure to be on this marvelous journey with you together! If there is anything that I might offer that you feel might be of assistance to you please feel free to contact me.

In Light Love and Service,

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