A month ago I had a rather dramatic breakthrough in truly experiencing surrender and letting go of resistance. This was a whole body experience, not just something imagined in my mind. It was the difference between feeling a few raindrops and thinking “this is what it’s all about” compared to standing underneath a waterfall and being drenched with the totality of the experience.

Thirty days hence many old patterns of resistance have surfaced to be observed, and in the observation have simply dissipated, or through lack of paying attention have taken hold and hidden deeper within my psyche. They hide, becoming unconscious weavings of discontent. They attach to my ego, justifying themselves, becoming part of the platform my life flows from in a more stifled, constricted and distorted way.

In my daily meditations and simply paying attention to the thoughts that come and go… the emotions often like dark rain clouds over the continuously pouring of sunshine upon me that allows the awakening. The awakening allows relaxation, humor and wonderment to become more dominant. Life becomes amazing, an ever flowing, ever-unfolding flowering of delightful interactions, events, opportunities and synchronicities.

I’m finding life MUCH more interesting, alive and interactive the less resistance I have to what “is”!

My definition of what “is” is life’s unfolding and presentation to you in any given moment. It’s absolutely everything going on that you’re experiencing. What “is” unfolds naturally to be embraced and played with rather than something to be endured and become constricted from.

Want to try your own little experiment?

I suggest that you devote half a day or even a full a day to try this out and really see what I’m attempting to convey in this writing. You will be able to experience a letting go of resistance, a surrendering to the moment by paying conscious attention moment-by-moment.

Do this exercise throughout your day:

Whenever you feel a contraction, judgment, dislike or mental activity that’s not of an appreciative or accepting nature simply observe what’s going on within you. Often just the quiet observation will offer the preferred shift inside of you. You may be very surprised at what you find and what reveals itself to you!

Please be curious about what you are experiencing, noticing your reactions that are habitual. This curious state allows you to observe without critical self-judgment. Use your breath to help you relax, calm yourself and simply pay attention. From this mindful place you can begin to make choices that allow for an embracement of what it is. Embracing what is does not mean for you to not take action. You take action, but it comes from a deeper, quieter place, a place that the more authentic, greater part of yourself is emanating it’s guidance to you from.

You may begin to feel your heart opening, expanding a flowering of your heart. Peace, calmness and tranquility might be experienced. You may feel a new movement of energy is flowing through and around you. Notice if it’s subtle, or even dramatic, depending on your sensitivity.

I hope you really choose to do this little experiment and see what gifts it offers to you. Please enjoy any surprises that reveal themselves to you! If you care to share how this works for you I would be delighted to hear from you.

In Light, Love and Service,

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