FreeOne of the things that I have wanted to do is to occasionally answer questions that I have received in my Monthly Thoughts that I think will be helpful and useful for more than just the person asking them. Below I have answered a couple of questions that hopefully will be stimulating to you, interesting to read and ponder for yourself what is your understanding, belief and truth.

1. What does it mean to be centered?

We are made up of multiple energy bodies. They each serve different purposes and functions. They are all intimately connected with each other yet effect and interact with each other to a greater or lesser degree. Different schools of thought have their own perspective, teachings and beliefs on how we are constructed, what makes up our human energy system and all the components of it, as well as how this all works and affects us and the world around us. The many different schools of thought and philosophies on and how our human body is constructed and how it works range from fairly simple to incredibly and exactingly complicated.

The way I see it and the current model that I work with is like this:

We have our physical body, our mental body, our spiritual body and our emotional body. From one point of view and to be more simple you could say we have a physical body, a imaginary body that most closely correlates to the mental body or our mental realms and then there is the non-physical bodies that are like our physical body yet as they are not physical they function and operate in a very different way with different rules and they might be put in a category called Non-ordinary. So, using this analogy we have the Physical, the Imaginary and the Non-ordinary that make up our greater anatomy.

Using the brief and incomplete explanation above I would say that being “centered” would be working with and having our various Energy bodies or aspects of ourselves correctly aligned and working harmoniously and smoothly together allowing us to move in the world harmoniously in grace, ease and beauty.

2. What is an enlightened state of being?

This question could be answered in a number of ways that range from simple to incredibly intricate or complicated and each way dependent on multiple factors of perception, articulateness, degree of complexity, comprehension and perspective. I will try and answer this in a fairly simple way that may also offer a useful understanding and way of looking at a very complicated idea.

Simply stated an enlightened state of being is one where we are as free as possible from the illusions we have grown up under and with from our culture and the mass worldview that is, in itself, warped and illusory, while still being able to function in the world. From an enlightened state of being we are able to see the multilayered world that we create through our perceptions and act in accordance to our highest values. We are able to see what is true, let go of what is not true and to act from the deepest level of our being, our essence, in accordance to what is most true in any given moment. From an enlightened state of being we act with and from love, compassion, wisdom and with skill in our day-to-day worldly life and all the interactions we have within it.

It has been interesting to me to reflect on and answer the questions above. It has been my lifetime study and personal practice to live day to day in as centered a way as possible and to continually open to and dedicate myself to being “enlightened”. There are many Paths and Ways up this mountain that we are all climbing and one day we will all get there. I am sure the vision from the top will be unexpected and more amazing than we ever could have imagined!

As you probably know, I offer sessions that will assist you in living in a more centered and enlightened way. Please do look over my offerings and if there is anything that appeals to you and you feel would be of service to you I would be honored to assist and help you in any way that I can.

It is my fondest wish, prayer and vision that we may all individually, societally and as a world live in a more centered way and become continually more and more enlightened.

In Light, Love and Service,

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