image1 (4)Please imagine, if you would, that you have just found in a very unlikely place an ancient heart-shaped golden box filled with exceptionally large Jewels. What you find is your’s and no one else’s, it must’ve been someone else’s hundreds of years ago, maybe thousands of years ago.

Now it’s yours! This treasure is all yours and yours alone. Maybe it’s filled with diamonds or emeralds, or possibly opals or star sapphires, or a mix of all these precious jewels. When you have it appraised you are astounded to find the contents of the box are worth over one billion dollars!

What will you do with this Treasure?

Imagine how your life has now changed.
You now have more money, more currency, than you probably ever thought you would have. All your financial needs are now taken care of for the rest of your life. Your family’s needs and all those that you love can be taken care of as well.

What are you going to do now and how are you going to prioritize and organize what’s next? It might help to make a list. Please make this fun for you and really do make a list of all the things that you would initially do with your wealth. You might start out just by writing down every thought that comes to your mind and then you can organize it when you run out of ideas.

A place to start writing could be:

What would be the first thing you would do?

What would be the first 10 things that you will do?

Who will you give money to?

Will you have any conditions or restrictions on your offering of money?

What will you support and contribute to with your money?

What will you do for your own personal health or the health of those you love?

Please make the list first before you continue reading and I believe you will get the most benefit from this exercise if you do it this way.

After you have made this list. Look it over and see what it tells you about yourself, about your values, what you would put money into and for. Money is really just a form of energy. What do you do with this form of energy? Now here’s the part that I hope you have waited for after making your list.

It’s true that most of us will not find a physical chest with physical jewels in it worth a billion. We do have a physical chest with jewels in it that is non-physical, but that’s a story for another time…
The story for this time is that even though you do not have a billion in currency to play with you do have money!

I would like you to consider not waiting until you have one billion to use, but to prioritize what you do have in a comparable way and do what you have put on your list that you would do with your money, your energy. Use your energy and in this case I’m talking about your financial energy to focus on what you value. What do you value? Invest in it in a way compatible with the income you have now and watch what happens.

I hope this has been an interesting and fun exercise for you and something that has helped you to clarify what you value and now to consciously invest in what you value most.

Wishing you an amazing and wondrous start of the New Year!

In Light, Love and Service,

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