2016 AugYou are one of the billions of people on our Earth. Our Earth orbits the Sun in our Solar System. Our Sun is one star among the billions in the Milky Way Galaxy. Our Milky Way Galaxy is one among the billions of galaxies in our Universe.

You are the physical embodiment of the unimaginable divine force of the universe. When you look about you with your physical eyes you see only a very smallest percent of what is emanating all around us as well as radiating to us from the heavens above. Our physical senses are just not able to comprehend and translate all that allows us to reside on this planet, spiraling through space around a star in our solar system.

We, in our physical bodies, are a universe in and of itself, like a reflection of the greater galaxy around us in miniature. We are a miracle and somehow have let ourselves become lost and mostly mundane in the struggle of daily lives. Alienated and imagining ourselves cut off and alone we daily deny the amazing magnificence that we truly are, the miracle that we truly are, the spark of the divine of All-That-Is that we are.

It’s time to shine!

Your family, your society, your world needs you to fully embrace and embody your personal divinity here and now. Embracing, allowing and living from the divinity that you really are will help to bring about the change necessary for our children, our country and our world today. This is a personal choice. No one else can do it but you.

The choice is to allow the divinity, the brilliance, the force of All-That-Is to flow through the physical vehicle your consciousness currently resides in. It’s time to let go of all that has weighed you down. It’s time to take the first step, or maybe your next step, in allowing the shine that you absolutely carry to blossom forth from deep within you.

You might think of the flow of life as a river that you are in and being carried along by. Using this analogy, imagine that you are a buoyant bubble of light being carried down this river. But as you pass down the river things start to stick to you and begin to weigh you down. They pull you under the surface and you start bumping into things that are hidden below the water. You occasionally pop up and rise above the surface only to get pulled back under again. Every time you pop up you see the light and you feel your boyant self. But it doesn’t last, as you get sucked back down. I think you get the picture and it’s not the most pleasant although definitely interesting!

Once you become aware of this and use your conscious awareness to begin to clean yourself of those things that are weighing you down you start to float and flow more freely; definitely no longer being bounced along the bottom hitting all the darker and sticky things that are submerged and live there. Your natural design is to float and flow along the surface of this river of life. This is where the magic is, the exuberance, creativity and joy swirls alongside you.

Once you make the choice and commitment to yourself to let go of those things that weigh you down all kinds of ways and opportunities will be presented to you to assist you along this path. Some are more helpful than others so using your discernment allows you to release those things that are not in your alignment most gracefully, allowing you to flow more swiftly and graciously.

It is definitely my life’s study and work to assist fellow travelers in their journey in whatever way I can. Please do look over my offerings and see if anything there might be of service to you. I would be honored if you would like to invite me along with you for awhile. Together we can see what we can do that allows you to rise to the surface and shine as brightly and delightfully as you were designed to be and do!

In Light, Love and Service,

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