IMG_0132Do you remember the last time you went out for dinner, maybe it was at a friends house and they were serving a particular food, drink or dessert and it was absolutely incredibly wonderful? You might have thought, “oh this is so delicious! I would like more of that.” Or you may have even asked for another serving of what tasted so good to you. The friend, restaurant or wherever you were at gave you another serving of what it was that you asked for because they liked you so much, maybe even loved you or you offered something in return for this extra serving.

The Universe that we are so blessed to live within works this way for us. Our asking for “more” is by what we put our attention on, what we focus on and what we have an emotional charge around.

The Universe listens to us through the language that it understands (our energy and emotional intensity) and then gives us what we are asking for.
Often this is not what we think we want or what we think we have been asking for! Most of us tell the universe a multitude of things with through our thoughts and energy, as well as through our focus and attention. Therefore, what we manifest ends up a bit mixed up. Some of our energies cancel out others and we tend to manifest whatever the higher percentage of our focus ends up being. This usually plays out over time and is often not manifested immediately. It’s probably a good thing for most of us!

However, the Universe is speeding up and we are moving in the direction of more and more immediate manifestation of our focus. It’s more important than ever that we pay attention and learn how to play this game in a way that rewards you the way you would like it to. There are so many ways that you can work with the Universe to increase what you are manifesting and receiving so that it will be pleasing to you. Here is one way that will be extremely beneficial to you over and over again.

Changing Habits and Patterns

We tend to be creatures of habit. Often our habits do not serve us as well as we would like so it behooves us to cultivate and instill habits that serve us the best. Our thoughts, images, pictures and ideas that we hold and repetitively think or tell ourselves within our minds have a great power and influence in our personal manifestation process. They hold and project an energy that invites a similar manifestation into our lives. Remember, like attracts like.

Sometimes we are so used to thinking the same thing that we become unaware of it. We become numb and unconscious of the programs that are repetitively running in our minds and thoughts. Observing what is going on around us and what is manifesting in our lives can give us insight into what we are less conscious of and thus creating and manifesting what seems to come to just “occur” us or “happen” to us, the so called coincidences (think Co-Incidence). A simple daily meditation practice can help you to become aware of habits of thought. This will help you with your conscious creation of Co-Incidences!

We often hold in our thoughts those times when we were feeling mediocre or at our worst. Think of the energy that this holds, what it projects out and what similar energies this will attract to you. You can also overwrite old less conscious and even unconscious programs that are running by putting in new ones that are reflective of what you wish to be running in a more conscious way.

To counteract this (poor or mediocre repetitive thoughts), one simple and very effective technique you can use is to consciously each day remember a time in your life when you were most empowered, did something extraordinary or made a personal achievement that surpassed anything else you have done to date. Write this moment of excellence down in as detailed a way as possible including your emotions and feelings during and about it. If you are artistic you might even want to draw a picture of it or make a picture that could represent it using colors and symbols that have meaning to you. Give it as much feeling as you can (your feelings and emotions supercharge your manifestations).

Now take a few minutes each morning to remember your extraordinary experience as vividly, powerfully and intensely as you can, holding it in your mind as strongly as possible for a couple of minutes. If you have created a picture or an image representing the experience, use this to focus on and to help you remember it. Throughout your day allow yourself to remember this once again for a moment or two.

This exercise will empower you in multiple ways and after doing it for three weeks it will become a very positive habit that will serve you in numerous ways, bringing more of what you truly want into your life.

In Light Love and Service, Adama

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