Awakening-to-the-DivineWe are living in a time of great movements and changes. We have seen, and will continue to see, more incredibly rare, intense and profound astrological convergences. We are receiving more light through our galactic alignments than in thousands and thousands of years. This is wonderful and challenging at the same time!

The wonder is that we are being radiated with light in such a way that we are being changed, elevated and moving towards a place where we have never been as humans. The challenge is that it is causing a change at a very rapid rate and our bodies, minds and emotions need to adapt and adjust at an unprecedented rate. And as always, the more light that we embody the more it illuminates the separated and unhealed parts inside of us. It helps to bring to the surface the hidden and disowned parts so that we may integrate them, hold them in love and release them.

The more flexible we are, and in general the younger our physical body is, the easier this process will be. We are each holding a particular frequency and the incoming frequency is almost always higher than we are at and continually pushing us forward. The greater the difference between our frequency and the frequency of the incoming light the more challenging it is for us to function in the world and be okay with all the revelations and changes that it brings to us and through us.

I would like to offer you a little meditation to help synchronize your frequency with the incoming frequencies available to us to help make life a little more graceful and easy. Please give yourself at least 15 minutes where you will be undisturbed and able to allow this process to help and harmonize you.

  1. Set the space around you in whatever way will support you and offer you a sense of feeling secure and safe.
  2. Imagine and feel you have energy radiating out of your hands (which you do whether you know it, can see or feel it).
  3. Allow your hands to trace your auric boundary that is shaped a bit like an egg about an arms length all around you, above your head and below your feet as well.
  4. Notice, see, feel, hear, sense – in whatever way you can – the frequency and vibration that you are residing in. Just allow yourself to get an overall sense or feeling in some way what is the predominant frequency of vibration that is contained within your personal auric boundaries.
  5. Imagine, feel, see, sense or possibly just know there is a greater, higher and more elevated energy all around you.
  6. Using your breath, begin to breath in this higher vibration and frequency energy all around you into your body and allow it to radiate through you and out from you with each in breath and each exhale. Simply through intention you are choosing this higher energy and breathing it in and out.
  7. Please do this as long as you have time and it feels good to you to continue this process.

This harmonization process should feel good to you and will absolutely assist you in being in more harmony with the higher incoming energies. Please feel free to do this as often as you like as long as it continues to feel good and helpful for you.

I hope the above process is a great help and benefit to you. You may find or just know that your system could use some outside help and assistance with this harmonization process. I am offering one of my first new Sessions in several years specifically to assist you in letting go of old patterns that do not support embodying the new light and energies available. This new session is specifically for harmonizing your particular energetic system with what is now available to us. If this feels right to you please do look at the 2015 Frequency Shift Harmonization & Alignment session that I am now offering and consider receiving one.

Stay tuned for further adventures – we are on a wild ride!

In Light, Love and Service,

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