I’m wondering if you feel like your life is moving at an incredibly fast pace? Mine certainly has, including travels to Mexico, Brazil and Japan in the last several months. I’m also finding that doing Sessions that involve working eight hours or so without appropriate breaks during this time has been more physically demanding on me then ever before. The Spirit is willing, but the body is protesting rather loudly right now.

Now it’s my turn to use all the suggestions and advice that I have offered others through the years and get to apply it to myself. As much as I want to help others and offer all that I can, not paying attention to my body’s physical limitations is taking it’s toll. Loving myself and being tender with my physicality needs to be a higher priority than I’ve given it. More time to myself, being in nature, reading something fun and enjoyable and participating in things that are not personal or professional growth oriented would be a wise course of action for me right now. We will see how good I am able to do this and follow my own advice!

In-line with taking care of oneself, loving oneself, as well as assisting others I would like to offer you a relatively simple and powerful visualization meditation technique that will benefit you and those that you love or care about. We can call it the Golden Pyramid Meditation.

Golden Pyramid Meditation

  1. Center and calm yourself. Make sure you’re breathing deep and regularly. Imagine, feel and intend that you are breathing light into the center of your heart. Do this for at least 14 breath’s.
  2. Speak these words to yourself silently or out loud: I breathe in light to the center of my heart, unifying all chakras and releasing all energy not my own!
  3. Allow yourself to really feel love in whatever way that works for you. This may be remembering when you feel or felt loved or when you offered love to another person, animal or place. The key here is to really feel the emotion of love and not to just think it or imagine it. Make the feeling of love as clear, bright and viscerally as strong as possible.
  4. Using your breath, and even a hand or finger motion, exhale and send this love from the center of your heart up through the top of your head into the heavens to the sun. On your inhale imagine, Intend, see and feel your breath pulling light and energy from the sun into the center of your heart
  5. With the next breath, again using your breath and even a hand or finger motion, exhale and send this love from the center of your heart down through the base of your spine into the center of the earth. On your inhale imagine, Intend, see and feel your breath pulling light and energy from the core of the earth into the center of your heart.
  6. Intend, imagine and visualize you or someone else lying on a bed of pulsing sparkling silver white diamond light. It may have all the colors of light reflecting from a diamond as well. You or they will be lying on a bed of this diamond light.
  7. Draw with your finger or hand and using your intention, imagination and visualization see lines of golden light making a four-sided Golden Pyramid that you or the person you are doing this for are in the middle of and lying on the bed of diamond light.
  8. When the Golden Pyramid feels vibrant, bright, strong and clear call upon and invite your Higher Self or the person’s Higher Self you are doing this for to come and be the capstone, the top of the Golden Pyramid.
    Ask the Higher Self to radiate downward rays of energy in all the colors of the rainbow and bring in even more light, energy, sound and higher vibrations, allowing them to attune to exactly what is needed for you or the person who is resting on the diamond bed below. You can intend, imagine and visualize this process in whatever way works for you and that makes it as physically tangible and real as possible.
    Rest, bask and enjoy the radiation and emanations from the Higher Self for as long as it feels good and appropriate to you.
    I hope the above meditation will be of benefit and use to you and I look forward to hearing anything you may care to share with me regarding it.

I truly understand the intensity of this time we are choosing to live in and am right here in the middle of it all with you! We all can use a helping hand from time to time. If there is anything that I might offer to be of assistance to you through the Sessions and Services I offer it would be my honor to assist you along your soul’s journey here on earth.

Wishing you a most wonderful summer in all the ways possible that you might imagine and even more and better than you could imagine!

In Light, Love and Service,

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