780_UnityThe biological entity, our physical body, is really a marvelous, complex, exceptionally strong, yet it is delicate at the same time. Being vibrant, healthy, and flexible with the ability to allow feelings and emotions to naturally flow through us is how we were designed. Traumas, both physical and emotional, can hinder and impede our body’s ability to naturally orient towards health and well-being.

Physical disease and illness always starts out on the non-physical level first and then densifies into physical manifestation. In the same way health and well-being can be infused from the non-physical to be made physically manifest. Often the reason why a particular physical manifestation happens is a mystery to us from the perspective we can see and look from currently. Sometimes, and possibly always, there is a greater plan in place for us, an incredibly complicated and intricate plan (that we are not even aware of). Part of that plan may include physical injuries, disease and psychological traumas that will take us down to particular path for particular reasons, often unknown, until we get to the intended place, understanding or situation that the particular physical manifestation is supposed to bring us to.

Once something has become physically manifested it is more difficult and challenging to change.

It is like when we are driving. We can plan many routes to the same destination in our minds for a trip we want to go on in a car and then once we have started down a particular route the longer we go down that particular route it narrows our choices of how to get where we want to go.

When we change the route we are going sometimes we have to go back the way we came or to take a detour to join with another route to take us to our desired destination. Sometimes our end destination changes along our way and we have to make multiple path and orientation changes to get to where we now want to now go and to arrive at. Often the journey and the events along our journey are more important than the destination!

Through decades of work with people who have physically manifested dis-ease, I have found that often relief can be had and discovered by going back to the source and working with it through non-physical intervention, with the assistance of our Higher-Self and the personal angelic guides that are working with us continually. Offering a session to address such a complicated patterning feels a bit audacious to me and yet this is one of the new sessions I am now offering.

My guarantee is that I will do my best to assist and help those suffering from physically manifested dis-ease to find some relief where other methodologies may not have been successful or the possible side effects unacceptable. I look forward to assisting those of you who know and trust my work and those new to my work, but have the impulse or knowing to work with me with the intention to move into greater health and well-being.

In Light, Love and Service,

If this interests you, please read about my new session: Transforming Physically Manifested Dis-sease

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