We are the embodiment of non-physical energies made physical. The larger, bigger and greater part of us is actually non-physical. What we are that we call ourselves, the “I” is an emanation of that greater part of what most people consider themselves.

Our physical human body is really a miraculous, ingenious, and highly specialized co-creative host for our Higher Selves. It was designed to regenerate and last for double, triple, or more what is the so-called normal lifespan for most humans. A reasonable question would be, “Well, why isn’t this the norm then, that we live for hundreds of years?”

The simple answer is, we are disconnected in various ways from the manor we were originally meant to receive, transduce, and utilize the energies available to us from the sun and from our Higher Selves. We have mostly lost the knowledge of how to utilize the vast resources of non-physical energies available to us. The majority of us never learned this as a general teaching in the way we were educated and brought up by our current society, culture, schooling and parenting.

There are various Schools, Paths and Teachings available to us now that can educate us in ways to utilize non-physical energies. Each of us is very unique in our mental make up, the flow of energies we currently utilize and our awareness of this whole process. Once we are open, if we start looking and experimenting with the educational and personally transformative opportunities available to us we can begin to leverage using non-physical energies to our advantage.

Some of the complexity involved with the quest to become more aligned, attuned and able to utilize what’s available to us is using clear discernment in finding and choosing a School, Path or particular body of Teachings that really works for us. This is the same as with choosing someone to work with you energetically in any way, shape, or form.

Discernment is extremely critical in choosing a guide, teacher or practitioner of any body of work or a practitioner working personally with you. Please consider this an extremely useful mantra to use often and clearly: Discernment, discernment, discernment …

We all do the best we can in our decision making and choices. Sometimes the only way we will find what really works for us is through the contrast of something that does not. Most of us have lots of life experience that has given us the contrast to know what we would like. Developing, refining and becoming personally as clear and consciously connected to one’s own Higher-Self as possible is the key step and the foundation of making the best choice available in any given point in time.

I would be delighted to assist you along your journey in alignment with wherever you currently are at. If you would like to explore what might be your next step forward for Your Evolutionary Movement please look over what I offer and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

In Light, Love and Service,

You can reach Adama at 541-482-0679 or send a message using the Contact Form.

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