BI would like to share something profound that has happened on Wednesday, November 19 and you are certainly a significant force in the unfolding that is ongoing through “me”…

On Wednesday night “I” was in a process in the awakening to and of finding home within myself. It seems a place that was never left, and yet somehow was forgotten as “I” was lost in illusions. The pressures and stress of trying to control and enforce my will upon life and the situations “I” have found myself in and have created has fallen away into what seems to be a deeper understanding of surrender, of love and peace. There is great love and thankfulness overflowing for all the players in this “dream” and there is the audacity at the moment to say that awakening has happened.

From this place of “Now” it seems a new adventure will/is in the process of opening and what seemed like closed doors and blocked avenues are all swirling with aliveness, potential and life. There is a surrender to the “Mystery” and an opening to the new. Grace and ease is flowing in actuality and not in imagination or the desiring of such a state of being.

Please stay tuned for further adventures as we all move forward together in new and amazing ways; deepening into more and more of who and what we truly are!

In Profound Peace, Appreciation, Wonder, Aliveness and Love,

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