Sacred Bow & ArrowHere we are once again swiftly moving towards the end of the calendar year. Thinking back over the year so far it has been one wild ride, a bit like a roller coaster and actually different than I was expecting it to be. After the year of 2012 I thought I could coast and have a simple and easy year!

My best laid and plotted plans seem, more often than not, to have been shifted, changed, turned, upended and had to be at times totally abandoned. And you know the joke don’t you, how do you make God laugh? You tell her your plans! Well, I must say I really did tell her my plans this year and she sure laughed at me a lot – hard, long and loud!

And being so wise, evolved, spiritual and centered you know what I did? I got really good at surrendering to what really “is” and “was” in the moment. Well maybe that was after I screamed, hollered, stomped my feet, had a temper tantrum, cried, acted like a rather un-evolved individual, pleaded, begged and threatened. Well, maybe I’m exaggerating those bad days a little …

The surrendering to being with what truly “is”, allowed a more natural flow of what was available to me, to choose what really was the best direction, choice or way to be with the rearranged situation or plan. I learned more and more to surrender my will to a more divine and wise will or direction that was placed in front of me when I stopped kicking and screaming about how I thought things should be.

Now I am finding myself as an arrow that is drawn back in a bow. The bow I believe is the new foundational structure that my higher self has placed around me (my worldly situation and the events unfolding in it) and the more personal part, that is the personality construct one would usually call me or that part that is called “I” in general conversation. Continuing this analogy of me being the arrow, I have been mercilessly honed and sharpened. I am being drawn back and soon to be released to rush forward towards a distant target that only my higher self or someone with a much broader perspective could see or conceive of.

As this year is coming to a close I feel guided to do things that will prepare me for this future where I will be propelled forward so swiftly towards that distant target. I am doing things to center and align myself that I may not have done before. I am taking my meditation time more seriously and focusing my thoughts where I know they will serve me the best as well as all I encounter because my vibration is raised through my focus and intention to be aligned and to serve others in the highest way possible. My personal purification process has not been easy as the residue of the old, the darker, the less evolved aspects of my being struggle and fight to remain and hold firm to their perception of how I should behave and how my personality should be safely and securely in the world.

My personal journey is one of awakening of doing the work that will serve that awakening, that opening, that aligning in the highest sometimes swiftest and most efficient ways possible. I have been continually guided to do various ceremonies of a deep and spiritual nature with different groups that I feel aligned with and that will serve my evolution in the highest way possible.

The primary focus seems always to be the infusion of more and more light into my physical and non-physical energetic system. And of course with more light, anything not of that frequency and vibration will become visible to be seen, worked with and cleared or transformed. Not always a pleasant or easy task!

I have been guided to infuse sacred geometries into my heart and through this be aligned in a much higher way than ever before. The armor and walls around my heart have been shattered more than once during this year until I surrendered to an openness and opening that was not there or possible before things and events at times forced and thus allowed such deep and profound movements and transformations to take place.

And of course throughout this time I have had to attend to this worldly life and the day-to-day functional things that need to be taken care of. This has not been always easy or graceful because of the huge energetic movements taking place within me.

Also during this time I have been blessed that the energetic work that I offer and do has been more profound, deep, clear and precise than ever before. I believe this is a direct result of all the work and time I have taken for my own development and transformations.

I share this with you in the hope that offering insight into some of my journey may give ease and comfort to you if your journey has been as difficult and challenging as mine has been much of this year. Might I suggest that you are also being refined, sharpened, transformed and made into a divine arrow to drawn by the sacred bow of your Higher-Self and then released to serve All-That-Is in a way possibly unknown to you right now?

I know following my heart and my heart’s knowing will allow the arrow that I am to be drawn and released in such a way as all will be served in the highest way possible through my personal evolutionary process. I believe that you, if you are reading this serve a higher purpose and will be released to fly swiftly forward when the time is right!

So, my invitation to you is to do those things that will serve you most in your personal clearing, opening, alignment and transformation. Start the new calendar year off renewed, refreshed and more able to be all that you can. Your personal evolution and transformation serves everyone in your world and in the greater world around!

In light, love and service,


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