2012 DNA Clearing & Activation

Dear Adama,

I felt everything and was thrilled with it! Feeling immense Joy and Peace!! I am so! Many people remarked how radiant I looked! Many men placed their “tongue’s out as a mat” (it’s one of our many expressions). I have all the ‘symptoms’ of the activation like you had mentioned to me before.

Here is how I experienced it:

The bed felt like it was boiling when I lied down, that all my being was shaking like an electrical current running through. My body was burning hot. I tried to see what was happening but couldn’t.

I felt when the door was opened, you came in, looked around the house, felt your presence going around the house. I was deeply asleep, tried to wake up or see but it seemed like you would not let me wake up. Since I was feeling so hot, she pushed the bed sheet but felt that you put back the sheet on to cover me.

I felt a lot of vibration in her being, very beautifully!

I felt a strong power in my head and have felt my head like it has cleared up. I also feel like my eyes now have more clarity in order to see.

You swept my face with your hands. I felt your hand on my head and that there was a strong force pushing downwards, the other was going over my body, like sweeping away any impurity in me. I felt the hands on the bottom of my feet and the energy being pushed up. I would say to myself, ” Adama is here and it is impossible that I can’t see him!”

I experienced a very huge peace inside; I feel like something new is coming in my life and that I will be all right. I still feel heat in my body.

I did Reiki to one of my clients and the client asked me to remove my hands because they were extremely hot and burning her.

I cried when I read the translation and what you said about me. It was a fantastic evening, very special! The experience was divine but I woke up very very tired!!!

I thank you immensely for such a beautiful experience!!!! I send lots of respect and wishes that you may obtain higher Knowledge and Wisdom! I am very grateful for all the beautiful things you saw in me as it makes me feel very happy and good!

Sofi (Colombia South America March 2012)

Some more feedback from Sofi:

Dear Adama,

I feel this experience as something marvelous! Still in that high from it all. Tears of joy came to me as I was putting on my make up as I could see the radiance coming out. While walking in the town, everyone would turn to look at me or would comment on how radiant I looked, some would ask me what had I done to myself. It has been the most wonderful experience I have ever felt and am so very grateful!

I asked her to compare the heat she was feeling to the heat I still feel by ‘looking’ into it energetically. She is able to ‘see’ that it is exactly the same heat, the same sensation is experienced by the both of us. We talk about it trying to define it. It is hard to describe the type of heat that starts subtly and suddenly surges, somewhat like a dimmer switch being turned on slowly and all of a sudden it’s all on. I would say this must be a way one experiences fusion. It is not the same heat as the flashes in menopause for I have experienced those a long time ago and this is totally different.

Now the interesting thing to observe is to see how long this heat lasts and what happens next…

I thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Sofi (Colombia South America April 2012)

Dear Adama,

In the morning I received your session, I immediately felt some changes in my body. A week before I received your session, I was very sick (heavy dizziness and throwing up) and I could not get rid of heavy feeling around back of my neck and shoulder for a while, but after the session, all the heaviness in my body was gone.

Next day, those heavy feelings came back, so I started the meditation that you taught me before and again my body was feeling better again. I continue the meditation and other kinds of meditation to maintain a condition of my body.

After the session, I could clearly see what is true for me or not and I feel more confident in me and I can trust myself more. When I speak to people, I can feel more clearly what they are thinking and feeling and I feel I am now able to better serve people to help them recognize what they need to focus on in their life right now. As a coach and counselor, this becomes very, very helpful and I am very happy that I am able to serve people more than ever before. My healing ability is also increased and not only I put my hand on people body would heal them, but it seems me just speaking to them would heal them!

I will focus on clearing energy of my body more and more, and becoming more powerful and loving to serve other people (and serve my soul!).

I do not know how to express my gratitude to your work, Adama. You are the most trusted healer ever in my life!!

I will continue to observe my changes going forward, and let you know sometimes how I am doing. And ask for help again when I am lost again!!!

I am very much interested in taking your workshop learning about distance healing that you offered last winter in Japan. I hope I could attend any of your workshop when you are in Japan next time.

Thank you again, Adama.

Love and light,
H. Z.

Dear Adama,

Thank you for doing the 2012 DNA Clearing and Activation session. Right after I received it, I felt some kind
of electrical stimulating energy was flowing throughout my body for two days. Then, my client who took my session
surprisedly told me that my energy was very strong and seems like it shifted to a new level. I haven’t told them about
the session I had with you but the client sure felt it! I will let you know whatever changes I experience in the future.

Thank you very much.

M. M.

Clearing the Psychic Answering Machine

Dear Adama,

The day I receive the session, it was wonderful. But it was difficult for me to keep myself in such state. I’m trying to clear myself with the exercise you told me.

On the day I took the session, I felt the pureness and gentleness of my relationship. It was wonderful to
feel that neutral state. I felt the vibration I send out is exactly like a stone thrown to a pond. The wave
rings are rippling all around my body.

When I practice following your advice, I feel my body gets much lighter. I thought by myself, what would I do about the negative feelings thrown by others?

Thank you for the wonderful remote session.

Please don’t work too hard and feel too tired. I wish you are having a beautiful day.

Please keep up the good work.


Diamond Lightbody Strengthening & Fortification

Dear Adama,

When I read the information of this session on Natural Spirit’s web site, I thought “This is it!”. When I
woke up this morning, I felt great. It’s like I moved to a new house made of beautiful crystals with high
ceilings. I am not afraid of the ceiling falling down on me any more. My energy does not drain from me any more. I have a wider vision now.

I appreciate your feedback. Everything you stated was to the point. I look forward to having the next session.

Thank you from my heart,

Dear Adama,

Thank you for the session. After the session and reading your feedback, I feel overwhelmed with feeling of thankfulness. After Chakra Purification and “Now” session, I could not stop crying, but after Energy Retrieval, I was fulfilled with thankfulness.

When you started Ka Channel Purification and Diamond Light Body Strengthening & Fortification on a
separate date respectively, I woke up for a few seconds and fell in sleep again. After a few days of those two
sessions, I slept very well. I did not feel exhausted, but just very sleepy. I dreamt a lot, e.g., I shouted
at a man, “Betrayer!” or I was thinking to leave the Earth … however, when I woke up, I felt great. Perhaps, I was letting go of negative patterns during those dreams?

Here is a dream I often see. A shining sphere appears in my forehead and I focus on the sphere, then it emanates light and brings me to a beautiful place. The vision looks more real than I see with my physical eyes. I see mountains and rivers and flying birds there. If I think I want to see more birds, they come very quickly. There is no story, but filled with bliss.

I have been repeatedly reading your feedback since the first session. After Ka Channel Purification, I noticed some words look bigger or popping up, which are “To open my heart more fully”. I have finally come to understand importance of opening my heart!

I have made a wish list for the year 2010.

  1. I will align with my Higher Self.
  2. I will meet with my partner.
  3. I will heal my allergy/eczema.
  4. I will live my true value.
  5. I will go to Mt. Shasta.
  6. I will visit Machu Picchu.
  7. I will work as a light worker.

I did not think if any of the above is possible or not. I posted the list at the wall next to the bed. I read the list verbally and visualize as if they have manifested in the real life. In the list, there is an item that I will meet with my partner and go to Ashland with him to meet Adama.

I love your Monthly Thoughts, especially the ones for July 2009 and September 2009. I do the little
exercise as well in the message. It makes my life a lot easier and I focus more on the “now” moment than
before. I feel just fine without any reasons. After reading your January 2010 Monthly Thought, I am trying
to align with my Higher Self every moment.

Before the session of Diamond Light Body Strengthening & Fortification, I asked my Higher Self to connect with Adama deeply and give me the best session. You appeared in my dream. I am glad that we worked so intimately.

Every time, I appreciate your doing some extra work and warm feedback. I always receive your love and power. Thank you for your time, energies and everything.

Thank you again,

Dear Adama,

I felt everything was white and purified on the next morning of the session. After that, I clearly see my
world and I started noticing the situations which I tend not to see. This change of my inner self brings about
a change in environment. I can see the brilliance and welcoming of being myself. I can see what takes energies
away or lowers my being of myself. But I realize everything is so warm in the end. I can see things more
clearly. There are synchronicities and appearing of collaborators. I have more time to feel nature and I’m
meeting heartwarming people.

I thank you for the extra work concerning the messages from the DNA.

It’s been almost a month since I took the session. I am changing my working environment so I’m going to
have some changes on how I work and the relationship with my co-workers which is being reset. I will ask you
for another session soon.

The session was very deep in love, powerful and wonderful.

Thank you so much.

I hope I will share the time with you on the session some other time.


Divine Energy Transmission Session

Dear Adama,

Thank you for the Divine Energy Transmission Session. It was great to see you during the session.

In the previous session, I flew to Isis and Buddha and the experiences were masculine and powerful. However,
this time, I felt different from the previous one. It was a very calm, quiet and feminine impression. I met graceful
White Tara and Quan Yin. Also a goddess appeared from light of sun. She was speaking to me something I did not
understand, so I asked her not to tease me. Then she said she was not teasing me! I think I may have heard her voice a couple of times before.

Two angels came to me and took me to a field of flowers. When I looked around, Adama, you were there. I rushed to you and you held me with a smile. It was very peaceful.

As I watched you, I came to understand that being my true value is very simple. Too simple to care.

I am very honored to have a session from you. You make me happy.

Thank you,

Dear Adama,

Thank you for the session. I am a bit surprised because I have been having a very positive vision after the
session. If I had the same vision before the session, it would have given me a pain, but now I do not feel this way. The vision is I am standing in front of many people and speaking the truth. Now I believe my future is bright!

Thank you so much!

Holographic Re-Patterning

Dear Adama,

This session was great as always! Thank you so much! During the session, I always feel your love, service and light and am deeply grateful to you. I am trying to express this gratefulness to you in more detail, but I am not sure how I can articulate it. You really understand how I wish to be.

I am now able to concentrate more during meditations than before. My mind is very calm and quiet. I have
let go of a chunk of the old and feel like I am in the process of re-birthing. This is the change I was hoping for a long time. I think my true life will start from now.

Thank you so much again.

With love,

Energy Retrieval (Soul Retrieval)

Dear Adama,

Thank you for working a long time with the session. I received your love with many thanks.

The day before the session, I watched Tristan und Isolde on DVD and I began to feel “I am free”. I was not
sure why I felt that way. I have experienced lots of things through my life and now I feel how loving I am
and those experiences are! I might have been chosen for a certain purpose. I might be a greater person than
I think.

I got excited with your feedback. Now I understand why I took this session from you. I feel like I am out
of the cage as I can retrieve my abilities from all my life times.


Now & Axiatonal Alignment

Hi Adama!

Since yesterday morning, I’ve been feeling sooo good … but not in a way I experienced before.

It is a kind of new sensation. Something so dark and heavy which had always been in my head or mind has
gone now and I automatically feel so merry and positive.

I had to pay so much effort to lift myself up and put myself in the vortex … I was practicing a lot to do it. Though, now, I don’t have to do that. It would be too much if I say “I’m in the vortex anytime” but so close to that.

So, I think now, all physical influences are gone!!! I don’t feel so dull anymore. I just still have the
throat constriction, but nothing else. Is this the situation that I’m strongly connected with my Higher-Self
and I’m totally aligned??? (Oh, I wish I was talking over the phone directly … It is very difficult to
express how I’m feeling … feeling so terrific!!!)

Before I fell asleep the day before yesterday (the night before I began feeling terrific), when I lay down
in bed, I “saw” in my head, not with my eyes, something exploded in my head and all those flakes (red) were
scattered in the air and floating. Then, those flakes (spots) suddenly became lines (like the spaceship
suddenly warps to lightspeed … like when the stars around it become lines) and I felt as if somebody held my
head and began flying at jet speed. I felt so dizzy even though I was on bed, so I closed my eyes. Then, I
“saw” many monotone patterns drawn in my head and thought “Okay, something is happening” and then, fell asleep.

On the following morning, I noticed that I felt in the way explained above … What do you think all those
things that happened to me in that night were??? It was very interesting!

Thank you so much, Adama, I’m feeling that my life would be changing …


Rainbow Light Infusion

Dear Adama,

Thank you for giving me the Rainbow Light Infusion session!

I like the rainbow light meditation, and you’ve told me in the feedback very much!

I realize I feel the change of the air temperature of the room. It is surprising that I feel cool and comfortable without air-conditioning after I start this meditation even though now is the rainy season from May to June in Japan so usually it is humid and steaming hot, we often wake up by the heat at night.

When I was doing Rainbow Light meditation, I felt the color ruby red, so I asked my higher self why I should
need the ruby red suddenly the word “passion” came into my head. Then I felt the message, “Reconnect to passion!”
Many of my clothes and accessories are white and silver and I realized there are not many of “rich bright colors”.
So I bought something. I usually do not wear such color so I was wondering if it would suit me, but others said it
looks good so I will buy more of these colors. I think I absorb a lot of beautiful blue.

One more thing, once I started this meditation I started to thank my physical body. Feeling the light permeate all
over my body, I’m saying “thank you always!” And I feel cheered up really!

It’s been one year and two or three months since steering my life again, it seems to me many changes happened little
by little. I took step by step, but when I look back I am greatly transformed.

I made a to-do list in the beginning of this year saying I want to go to Mt. Shasta, I am going there from July 21
to August 8 to take a multi-dimensional hypnotherapy workshop and so on.

This way, I make things happen one by one.

Adama, Thank you so much for your support at all times!

I am so grateful from the bottom of my heart!


Eshyouhod Purification & Infusion

Dear Adama,

Thank you for giving me the session.

The morning I woke up, I felt so open and very different from who I was before the session.

Thank you for the detailed feedback. I was struck by what you told about my heart because it is very true that I have a tension in my heart and I have been working on it for years.

Yes, the shield is now falling down. I don’t know how to thank you for triggering this. My girlfriend was also showing thankfulness to you for doing this.

Two days have passed, I was busy going to my clients’ home and giving them hands-on sessions, I feel clearer in
mind and I’m perceiving more of their thoughts and energy which I felt was a little bit tiring because it gives more
impact when I feel those feelings in a deep place in my heart. I think I need to adjust, to align myself to pleasant
postures and states of mind.

I couldn’t help smiling reading your feedback because the day before the session, I thought about taking Progreens again to vitalize my body, and so last night I ordered it!

I think, this session gave me the break though to what I’ve been working on and the results will be showning
up gradually.

It was a great session. Thank you so much to give me an opportunity to receive it and I have strong feelings
that this will change things in many ways.

Thank you.

Many blessings,

Other Sessions

Good Morning, Adama!

I just would like to tell you that I really feel what you have done on me this morning.

I have not been feeling well lately when I wake up. This morning is the almost first morning
I felt that I was in peace completely when I opened my eyes this morning.

I have tried many things like meditation, affirmation, energy work and exercises. Believe me I have tried so
many things to put me back on track. I thought these were working really well on me so far, until you gave me the
first session two nights ago. I literally forgot how I feel when I am connected to my higher self.

Truly, you are a great healer, Adama. I always remember what kind of person I can be in the everyday living after
each of your sessions. Then it will gradually fade away from me … I hope I will engrave your session in me for a
long time this time and I will try!

Thank you.

Much Love,

Dear Adama,

Thank you for the feedback.

The previous session brings into sharp relief that I have to let go my old patterns. It brings me an awakening
and power to proceed and put into practice a whole new way.

Thank you very much.


Dear Adama,

Thank you so much for working hard for me! When I woke up this morning, I received a VERY clear message
from my Higher Self that I am ready to start new things and work as an intuitive consultant. I was very happy
with the message. After this, however, I realized my body was very heavy and was having joint and muscle
aches. Then I got out of the bed and went out to walk my dog. As I walked, the aches slowly went away and I
started feeling GREAT, especially today is a beautifuly day!

I have been having headaches coming from the center of my brain where the pineal gland is located for the
past few months. So, I thought something was going on around that area. After reading your feedback, I
understood it was because KA Channels were not flowing well especially at the top of my head and all of my
portals were stuck. Today, I do not have the headache and my mind is so clear.

When you kindly offered me a session, I immediately thought I needed KA Channels Purification. Now I see
it was a message from my Higher Self. You are a great healer … really!! I will write more comments when I
feel like doing so.

Thank you so much again!!


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