RisingWhat would you do if you had the power to change the world? Please take some time to really think about this and form some answers before you continuing to read more right now.

  • Maybe you would ensure everyone had nourishing food to eat and clean pure water to drink.
  • Would you stop all war?
  • Would you insure that business held the highest principles and ensured all their decisions were beneficial to the greater society and not just about accumulating more power and money?
  • Would you make sure that our government told the truth and really worked to make life for everyone more abundant and fulfilling?
  • Would you insure that all decisions were made with love, kindness and consideration of what is in the highest and best interest for everyone involved? What would your particular focus of change be?

Now keeping all your answers in mind let me tell you something you probably already know but may have forgotten. Real change comes from your own personal embodiment of the change you want to see in the world outside of yourself. That’s right; to change the world you must change yourself first because the world is a reflection of all that you are and the energies that you hold and project outward.

There are a multitude of ways, pathways, systems of meditation, healing modalities and opportunities to grow and learn. What draws you or catches your attention and appeals to you the most right now? When you follow from your heart, your creative and expansive impulses will guide you in the direction of your greatest growth and evolvement. Your personal evolution serves all and makes the world a better place.

What better time than “now” is there to bring yourself into new clarity and alignment with your Higher-Self? Opportunities abound around you for raising your consciousness, for clearing away what no longer serves you. The choice is yours and you serve all humanity, the physical world in your personal alignment with the highest aspects of yourself!

What you can do is to insure that you are as personally clear, kind, creative, loving, compassionate and aligned with you Higher-Self as possible in your thoughts, words and actions, because you are the world!

If anything that I have to offer calls out to you as of being of value and assistance to you, it would be my honor and delight to assist you in your personal evolution.

In Light, Love & Service,


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