Flower-May-June-2016As those of you that live on the side of the world where Spring is now making it’s way into Summer, it is a time of opening, blossoming and expansion. Many times people come to me and want their lives to move in new, more open and positive directions. Often after a session I will offer suggestions that help the individuals to walk into this new season of their lives.

Having worked together with this person on a non-physical plain, the individual can now move much more easily in new ways, being open to embrace and make physically “real” the changes, growth and blossoming that is now possible after their winter has been let behind.

Below are some suggestions that I offer to you to assist you in your own journey forward that will absolutely invite real positive movements into your life.

Suggestions for Change, Growth & Expansion

1. Take time daily to do a simple meditation that is enjoyable for you. Maybe 5 minutes a day, and something as simple as breathing in sparkling white light to the center of your heart, then letting it expand throughout your body and into the energy bodies outside of your physical body.
2. Pursue a creative activity that you feel passionate about and fun for you to do. Do this at least once a week or more.
3. Focus on what you want more of in your life. Focus on what brings you joy, love and a feeling of expansion in your heart area.
4. Follow your bliss, your love, your joy and pleasure. Explore what you become excited about and brings your passion alive.
5. Treat yourself like your would your best, most beloved friend. Talk to yourself like you would talk to someone your dearly love, respect and honor. Take the advice you give yourself from this loving, kind and compassionate friend (Yourself!).
6. Let go of what no longer serves you, the heavy weights that prevent you from flying.
7. Try something new and different at least once a week.
8. Look for what is lovable in others, especially the most challenging people. Focus on what is lovable in them.
9.  Look for the little miracles that are happening all around you and celebrate them each time you see or discover them.

You absolutely can have what you want. 

What is most important is that you raise your frequencies so that you vibrate at a higher level and then you will naturally attract and manifest from that higher-level. Think of yourself as a magnet or a radio station. Remember you will attract the same frequency you are radiating outward, back to you. What you focus on and put your energy and emotional intensity into is what you will attract more of. If you focus on what is wrong, on what is not right in your perception then you will radiate this out and attract more of it.

As you become more conscious of what you are focusing on you can shift this into a higher frequency, which will attract more of what you truly want in your life.

In your day-to-day work life begin to focus on the gifts you are receiving in your current moment. Allow yourself to become enthusiastic and excited that you are alive and participating in a marvelous adventure. Know that your current situation is only temporary and is assisting you to move forward and allowing you to practice ways to create more and more of what you really want in your life. Be like a detective and look for the qualities that are positive about things that at first may seem “bad” or not positive or helpful for you. Realize that there are things that do not work for you. Don’t spend a lot of time and energy focused on those things, instead re-direct your focus on that which works well in your life.

Look for the strength and beauty and gifts in each person that you interact with.  Even the most challenging ones! Like the detective, discover each day something new and different that is positive even in the mundane things that you do and the challenging people you interact with. As you shift your internal attitude by focusing on what is good and right in your life and the people you encounter, your frequency will rise.  As your frequency rises higher you will begin to attract new things into your life that resonate more with this higher frequency.  This will bring you new opportunities, sometimes from much unexpected places.  You can use this same technique of focusing on the things that are right with you. You can also use this for your health, to help with any medical issues you may have.

Allow your heart expansion, feelings and emotions to guide you. When you feel good about something and have a feeling of opening and expansion, it is an indication that this is the “right” choice and path to follow. When you feel bad or start constricting inside know this is most likely not the highest path you could be following. Take small steps that allow you to feel better in any situation.

Change your thinking. Observe your thoughts and what you may be telling yourself. Choose to think thoughts that feel good and kind. Say things to yourself that feel uplifting.

Remember change first starts with your internal visioning and paying attention to your thinking. Your thoughts are more important in creating change than the physical actions you may take.

Your mental actions allow for the change that then is manifested physically. Imagine and visualize what you want. Put your emotional intensity, your love, and your passion into what you want to attract more of in your life. From this positioning now take physical actions that orient towards your love and passion. Then the universe knows clearly what to physically manifest for you.

Focus on the ways that you are free, and the freedoms that you do have. Get excited about them and let your heart open and expand when you think about them. Be like the detective and find the clues, the small things, and the many ways that you are truly free. Rejoice in the freedoms that you have.

Focus on what you love and what you love doing, let your love fill you and expand around and throughout you. Look for what is lovable in other people, especially the most challenging ones!  Look for what is lovable within you, celebrate and rejoice in it! Look in the mirror and truly see the very amazing being that is looking back at you.

In Light, Love& Service

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