April 2016 ChangeLife continually invites us to become more whole and complete in ways that we are not. A better way to say this might be our wholeness is overshadowed by conditioning, mental patterns, unconscious habits and genetic restrictions that forms a density around us. In saying this I also acknowledge that everything we aspire to be, to become, to embody is part of our wholeness right now and available for manifestation now as well.

You are whole and complete here now in this very moment!

It definitely is a paradox isn’t it? A paradox is two seemingly unresolvable contradictions. It is something (such as a situation) that is made up of two opposite things and that seems impossible to co-exist, but is actually true or possible. In this way we are divine eternal beings, yet we are also are in a human body that appears to age and fade over time. There is of course this thing we call “time” and how it is so much more and so much less than we think. The subject of time is, if you will excuse the pun, a full discussion in itself, and a subject for another time.

We are frequency anchors

The more you simply be who you truly are and the more you are able to radiate the essence of your soul, the more you set up an anchor, a frequency, and a vibration that is constructive and serves life. There are frequencies of suppression as well as frequencies of liberation. What we anchor we share with all of those also around us. Through our attention and our conscious choosing we can help lift the density within us personally, locally and globally!

What do you choose to radiate?

Through exultantly living from your heart you anchor a frequency; you set an example and become and integral part of the solution to the ills that plague us, personally, as well as for the world. You personally become the change that raises the prevailing, low-frequency fields and this, in turn, helps others who can easily become depressed and unable to radiate a vibration that can assist themselves to swim above the mass density around us. Your personal swimming and surfing the waves of the density becomes an example and a buoyancy to life. You become one of the ones who clears the pathway for others simply by consciously making life-affirming choices and living exultantly through your heart.

We have a divine blueprint that is holographically available in every cell of our body. The activation of this blueprint is the antidote to the dysfunctional mutations that continue to replicate themselves, causing untold personal suffering and the state of our world as it is currently. There are many tools and techniques available to allow our embodied divinity to become physical.

Utilizing the frequency of light and love consciously

We are each unique and uniquely designed. There are a multitude of systems, of healing and paths of spiritual development. You can trust that life will offer you exactly what is needed for your next step in in your personal unfolding. You will also be given the opportunity to use discernment in making choices of what might serve you the most at any particular point in time. Please use your time and energy wisely. Let your mind be the servant to your heart. Make a choice and if it does not work for you in a way that is pleasing, make another choice, keep moving forward.

It is my honor and life path in making myself available to assist my fellow travelers along their journey into awakening to the wholeness, the completeness and self actualization that is possible. Using very refined powerful tools and techniques gathered through decades of sincere practice, dedication to personal growth, meditation, continuous and ongoing study, training and putting all this into daily life practice, I am available to personally assist you. I look forward to an exploration of what is possible in helping you if you feel I might be of service to you.

In Light, Love and Service,

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