2016 July
We are all participants in a grand mystery that is unfolding moment by moment, co-created through our moment-to-moment choices and orchestrated multidimensionally. The day my birth Father transitioned out of this world he had been going in and out of consciousness in his hospital bed. He was not what I would call a religious or a spiritual man. Upon returning to consciousness once he said to me that he saw the unimaginable complexity and beauty of the world we live in and all the relationships that were also unimaginably complex and intricate.

He said it was as if we were all actors on a stage. This stage was the thing we mostly saw and at that very poorly. He said that what went on behind the stage was what was immeasurably immense and totally fantastic in its scope and complexity. He said he was completing his part on the stage and was going to go behind the stage where everything was really happening. I think this was a surprising, and in many ways, accurate vision that he had on his last day here on earth.

Using this analogy and assuming there is truth to it, here we find ourselves together on this vast stage with an incredibly vaster more complex backstage. Some interesting questions come to my mind and I think there’s great value in exploring possible answers to these questions. Where do our lines come from, the script that we read and interact with others from? Who wrote our script? How much freedom do we have in changing what we were given? How can we enlist aide from those behind the stage? Is it possible to change our script and how do we do this? I’m sure you can think of many more questions, possibly more astute and valid than these.

It seems to me that the very first step is to become conscious. There is the continual challenge of how to become conscious of what we are unconscious of! Thankfully there are multitude of tools and techniques we have available to us to assist us in becoming more awake, conscious and self aware. Once we are more conscious, more aware, more awake we can choose with our moment to moment choices how we interact on the stage of our lives.

Quieting our over busy minds and making the time to integrate our life experiences is another step along this path to awakening into conscious co-creation with our partners on the stage. In some ways we need to unlearn what we have learned and to let go of a mentally biased choice making paradigm into one of a heart based and heart centered choosing paradigm. From this paradigm we ask what would love do given this choice, given this situation?

There are many paths roads and schools that can bring us to a more awakened, heart opened and enlightened presence upon the stage of our lives. There are many individuals, systems, teachings and schools that are willing to assist us along our way. Our wise use of discernment helps us make choices that serve us in the highest and best ways most efficiently. It is a fundamental law in our universe, like attracts like.

When you raise your personal frequency and vibration you attract more of the same to you. Like attracts like. If you are finding what you are seeing outside yourself in the world not so pleasing and not so attractive to you then know your point of personal power is in your own personal evolution. It is in your choices that are made in each and every moment. Your own personal change in raising your frequency and vibration invites, by its very nature, a complementary attraction.

A conscious awake heart centered and heart opened individual is vastly more effective in being the change that is desired than trying to fix or change a dysfunctional set of characters who are destroying the very stage they are playing on! You can be the change you wish to see in the world. In fact you chose this time and place to personally become the solution!

It is my honor and pleasure to assist those who are attracted to what I have to offer assisting in personal development, awakening, heart opening and enlightenment. Please do look at these particular sessions that I offer and see if they might be of assistance to you in your journey of awakening to your true potential and abilities:

Heart Opening
Sacred Geometry Infusion
2016 Frequency Shift Harmonization & Alignment
Now Session

In Light, Love & Service,

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