MMMIt’s all about frequency/vibration! The higher your frequency the higher your vibration and the faster, clearer and more fulfilling your life will be.

Here is a simple meditation or focus that if you do it for only 5 minutes before bed and before starting your day you will raise your frequency and vibration significantly enough for you to see feel and know how really powerful a creator you are. And you will feel better, lighter and more empowered even after a short time. You may even notice the shift in your feelings state in a very short time of doing this little practice.

One of the keys in this little practice is to find a subject that you will focus on that feels really good to you, inspires you, delights you, allows you to expand, to feel love, awe and joy. What you choose to focus on may have all those characteristics above, or maybe a few, or even just one. Find an image, object, vision or subject that allows you to hold this focus more easily and makes it somehow more physically real to you. The key is that it elicits a good feeling. It should inspire you and delight you. It can be simple or complex depending on what works best for you

To get the most from this practice, I recommend you do it for at least five minutes before you go to sleep and five minutes as soon as you wake up in the morning before starting your day.

  1. Breathe in light to the center of your heart and allow it to expand all throughout your body out your fingertips and your toes and the top of your head. You might want to think of the light as it looks like reflected on the top of the water. Do your best to imagine, feel, see and intend this shimmering light coming into your heart and expanding out through your body and in all directions around you.
  2. Focus on your chosen subject, object, picture with all your intention and ability. Hold a bright clear image of your subject, as strongly as possible, throughout the time you have set for this exercise. If your mind wanders be gentle with yourself and bring yourself back to the chosen focus and continue until your allotted time is completed.

This is all you have to do to assist in raising your frequency and vibration to a higher place. From there you will begin to receive all the benefits that a higher state of being will offer you.

I look forward to hearing from anybody who cares to share how this has worked for you in any shifts and changes you may experience as a result of it.

I am wishing you a transition into becoming more and more of who and what you truly are and fully embodying it here on earth!

In Light Love & Service,

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