My ongoing experience of surrendering has had more than a few tests in the past month. Leaving from my small town Airport had been subject to more and more weather and incoming flight delays than ever before. So I was somewhat prepared for some changes in my best laid plans.

And as the old joke goes, Do you know how to make God laugh? Tell her your plans!

Eventually I arrived at my final destination 2 days late, on the other side of the world from where I live. I had experienced more unexpected flights, delays and time in Airports than ever in my life in a single trip. Previously such an experience would have been almost unbearable due to my personal sensitivities, physical discomforts suffered, lack of sleep, the low frequency of Airports and the overall assault on my energy fields. Yet, when I finally arrived it was with a smile on my face and delight, not just to have arrived, but also for all the journey that took me there.

Surrendering to whatever was happening in the moment allowed a relaxation to fill the experience with expansion rather than constriction. I actually enjoyed seeing and doing many things I would not have encountered in any other way. Interacting with diverse people and their personalities, loud disjointed places, disorienting and changing schedules, was an interesting adventure rather than something to be withstood and endured.

My newfound ability to really be more present, available and intrigued with what life was offering me, and surrendering to what was opened the doorways to new flows and movements inside myself, as well. People went out of their ways to assist and help when I was able to greet them from a relaxed open-hearted place. Those who were so wrapped up in their own selves and constrictions really stood out and were like a rock in a stream that I simply flowed around. Having a good sense of humor really helped in recognizing the absurdity of so many things that would have previously irritated and annoyed me to no end.

I write this in hopes that it might stimulate your own inquiry into how surrendering to “what is” allows an unexpected relaxation and opening for new and different movements for yourself. Maybe even looking into a different way of living your life that opens the doors to the extraordinary…

If I can be of any assistance to you in your personal experience of releasing those things that weight you down or burden your ability to really rejoice in life and all it’s offerings, please look over some of the Sessions I offer. I’m available to assist you with your journey in many unique ways.

In Light, Love and Service,

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