sept-2016-treasureWhen I think of treasure it is something that is very special, important, or valuable. I also think of something valuable (such as money, jewels, gold, or silver) that is hidden or kept in a safe place. It can be a person who is greatly loved or especially valued. I have some treasured teachers in my life, as well as valued friendships.

What is it that you treasure? What is your relationship with this treasure of yours?

Is it possible that you have a treasure that you have not acknowledged for what it truly is because it is hidden so well that you do not recognize it for what it is? I would like to suggest that what you consider your greatest wounding, your harshest life impediment or greatest challenge in your life is an unacknowledged and possibly unrecognized treasure?

I do not mean or intend to say that terrible things that have happened or been experienced are okay. They may take tremendous courage, patience and work to recover from, possibly most of one’s adult life. Also, until this work is done the treasure will probably remain hidden, lost, even unreachable.

My challenge to you is to look at the things that have happened in your life that have so adversely affected you, possibly harmed, taken away or prevented you from doing or receiving what you have wanted and even deserved in some way. Maybe it was the loss of a parent early in your life. A severe health challenge. Being abused by someone who was supposed to care for you or you trusted. The possibilities of what this could be is as numerous and unique as there are people. What is it that you have suffered from and has effected you so strongly in you life?

I would like you to ask yourself what is the hidden treasure, the hidden gifts that you have received from this?

This may even be a radical idea for you that’s almost impossible to accept or understand. It may take an expansion of your thinking, a refocusing of your perspective, even a complete shift in the way you have constructed or held your ideas and beliefs about this huge life-affecting “thing”. Your ideas, beliefs, images and view of reality will probably need to change to embrace what I am offering. It will probably involve letting go of any sort of a perception of being a “victim” to circumstance, at the mercy of fate, a victim in any sort of a way, powerless or worse. There is a big picture going on that we are rarely able to see that is incredibly complex, far-reaching and definitely metaphysical.

What I would like is for you to be open to seeing, identifying and even itemizing how you have been crafted, engineered and designed by events in a way that shows the buried, hidden treasure in the shaping of your life.

For example a couple of things in my history that has shaped the ways I interface in the world are, alcoholic parents, loosing my life’s financial savings, being physically disabled and bedridden for a year, not to mention truly being a stranger in a strange land (that’s a whole study in itself)!

A few of the discovered treasures from this have been:

  • An understanding of addictions, pain, suffering and coping mechanisms.
  • Understanding and having deep compassion for those undergoing physical ailments and suffering. Exploring health, vitality and healing at all levels.
  • Examining and understanding money and finances from a metaphysical perspective as well as worldly units of measure.
  • An in-depth exploration of what it is to be truly human in all it’s multitude of aspects.

This is just a brief example of the hidden treasures we have been offered through life challenges and experiences.

My suggestion is for you to explore your own buried, unseen and unappreciated treasures in depth; in various ways, possibly even with professional assistance to help and guide you. Releasing the trauma that is being held in your body and your energy bodies is essential in recovering and then discovering your treasures. The reasons why or the “story” surrounding is far less important than being able to open your heart once again, let go of addictions that hide hidden pain, propagate suffering and continue less functional patterns preventing you from living the life you came here to live and manifesting the potential that you truly have.

You have a treasure map and it’s written in your history with the treasures very deep inside you waiting for discovery.

In Light, Love & Service,

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