March-12-2014-FraxMarch to April is such a transition time in so many ways as we move from the winter into the spring. In many places it is a very unpredictable month as far as the weather goes, as it can be beautiful warm and sunny one day and the next comes freezing rain and gusty blowing winds with clouds blocking the sunlight. In the same way we are doing this within ourselves, we are opening to new aliveness and life as the sun radiates new light, encodements and higher energies to us.

We are also finding those places that are still icy and cold with the blowing winds and clouds that surface to block our natural light and radiance. It is time to open to the new and embrace more of who and what you are, what is available to you and how you wish to be in this world. How do you wish to be in this world? You do have a choice you know?

This world needs vital, alive, creative, heart-centered people whose hearts are open and who allow their minds to be in service to their hearts as they make their decisions and move in the world. Most of our so-called civilized world has elevated the mind and the mind’s reasoning over the holistic knowing and wisdom of the heart’s guidance. And you can see where this has brought us to by looking at the state of the world we live in politically, environmentally, religiously and interpersonally.

The thinking mind always functions in duality, right and wrong, good and bad, black and white, with self protection and preservation of the ego upper-most in its functioning. If we were a ship sailing on uncharted seas, the mind would be used to help get us where we’re going, but not to be the captain of the ship! Our heart will guide us to the safe harbor, to the love we so desire, to the awakening and beauty that is waiting all around us to be discovered and appreciated.

During the last three months I have participated in multiple workshops presented by different people who are leaders in the field of awakening, awareness and sacred geometry. I have been doing deep and ongoing personal work to bring myself more fully into my heart and to become more conscious and awake in every aspect of my life. I have gone far outside my usual comfort zones and expanded myself and abilities in ways I have prayed about for many, many years.

As a result of this, as well as a multitude of other factors, the ability that I have to work with people has taken on new dimensions, clarity, and profoundness than ever before. As new and higher energies channel through me I am now able to offer the same Sessions at a whole new and higher level. I’m able to articulate and offer a greater depth and effectiveness to those I am working with than I have in the previous thirteen years.

Allow your light to shine!

The little meditation below may be of service to you and to help you stay more centered and grounded in your heart, allowing your light to radiate and shine from you to illuminate any darkness around you and those you love.
It is a short meditation, easy to do before and after work, interacting with family members and any other social engagements where you are dealing with others thoughts, feelings and possible projections on to you.

Use your breath to help with the movement of what you will be doing below. You can take as long as you want doing this and it can be done very quickly after some practice, in only in 4 or 5 breaths. This will help you to be clear and stay centered in your own energies where you can be most effective and helpful to others and yourself.

  1. Imagine, intend or simply feel a Violet Sphere of light above your head.
  2. See, imagine, intend or feel the Violet Sphere of light moving down through your body and flowing out your hands and feet.
  3. Imagine, see, intend or feel a Golden Sphere of light above your head.
  4. See, imagine, intend or feel the Golden Sphere of light moving down through your body and flowing out your hands and feet.
  5. Allow the Golden Light to form a column of light from just beneath the base of your spine and imagine, see, imagine, intend or feel it connecting to the center crystalline core of the earth.
  6. Imagine, see, intend or feel the Golden Light radiating out from your heart in an ever flowing continual radiance within, through and around you.

Wishing You Much Light, laughter and Love,

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